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Grosse mise a jour du meilleur emu DS a ce jour 


avec une option que moi meme j'attend depuis lgts 


--> Desmume has FINALLY received per-screen aspect ratio



En prime je vous met le lien pour l'exe , c'est a dire qu'il est juste a remplacer , version X64 en plus


-> https://ci.appveyor.com/api/buildjobs/b4vuur1u8jt76r5r/artifacts/desmume%2Fsrc%2Ffrontend%2Fwindows%2F__bins%2FDeSmuME-VS2015-x64-Release.exe

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3 hours ago, totoff28 said:



Big update of the best DS emu today 


with an option that I myself have been waiting for since lgts 


->  Desmume has FINALLY received per-screen aspect ratio

Uk0FuyGkhRYCKITqzEo25GyBZQvlLmIWtGRFRm3eqG4.png? Did = crop = Crop & sides% 2Centropy & arh = 2 & w = 960 & s = 8d130a6cefd088e2a7e93ffcfff925d2


As a bonus I put the link for the exe, ie it is just a replacement, X64 version and more


->  https://ci.appveyor.com/api/buildjobs/b4vuur1u8jt76r5r/artifacts/desmume%2Fsrc%2Ffrontend%2Fwindows%2F__bins%2FDeSmuME-VS2015-x64-Release.exe

What is Desmume?

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desmume is a emulator of Nintendo DS system

in google for rom game easy search it

good game are in DS , tchusss


exemple of games for desmume : look in 4'35mn video are pokemon extra good game



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