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Researching protection and recovering Namco System ES1 arcades


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Amazing post by ValdikSS: https://medium.com/@ValdikSS/researching-protection-and-recovering-namco-system-es1-arcades-1f8423fdeb3b


A good reminder how the true unsung heroes of the scene are actually the dumpers and crackers: Dump > Crack > Loader/Controls. People only see the Loaders and Controls but might not often appreciate the investment needed in both time and money that dumpers put. Cracking those systems require real skills. Making a loader and controls is really nothing in comparison.


Thanks again to the unsung dumpers and crackers of the scene. Some amazingly talented people like Valdik and many anonymous others.

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Very complicated for me and for many to try to understand all the work that is done without our knowledge, from anonymous people or not, but that allow others to have a great pleasure in enjoying these great little games part of the memory of our lives.
The following can only be kept simple: Thank you very much to the whole community.

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