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Sega Rally 3 closing on teknoparrot


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I can't start Sega Rally 3 using teknoparrot, the game window closes as soon as you start the game.


Without teknoparrot, by using the Rally.exe directly, the game start but of course there are no controls.


Is there a way to fix this in teknoparrot?


Already using the exe file for windows 7 and inpout32.dll.

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On 2018. 4. 21. at 2:58 AM, buddylove said:



I used the Game Loader All RH + the special rally.exe file (not the W7 version) that I found in the official Game Loader topic here.


Now sega rally 3 works with sound and controls in both Teknoparrot 1.42 and in Game Loader.

Hope it helps.

HI where did you get that files? 

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