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[Arcade PC] PHOTOPLAY 2001 (FunWorld)


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Il s'agit d'un jeu dont le système est basé sur un PC type année 90, et dont le jeu bootait via DOS. Il est donc exécutable et jouable aujourd'hui en utilisant l'émulateur DOSBOX (ou DOSBOX-X).





Source et explications: https://8ch.net/1cc/res/5539.html


1. Extract Photoplay2001C
2. Go to C:\ and add this 2 folders… "Downloads" and inside add "folder".
3. Inside of folder add 2001C and 2007UNC
4. Go to C:\Downloads\folder\2001C extract go.zip and add the .bat i will post here. (2007UNC doesn´t work yet.)
5. Install DOSBox 0.74
Just go to GO.BAT and drag the bat on DOSBOX 0.74 top of it in your desktop.

Make a new shortcut of GO.BAT in your desktop, open propeties inside and add this code in the Destiny option.
"C:\Program Files (x86)\DOSBox-0.74\DOSBox.exe" "C:\Downloads\folder\2001C\go.BAT"
Apply and Ok. And you can run easily.

Done. It works.

To change options in the menu you need to press the button S.
To exit goes Space Bar Button.


go.bat :

@echo off
cd menu


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On 6/4/2023 at 3:56 PM, Mandarancino said:

Hi, can help me whit this pack?? i downloaded the photoplay2001 in the mega link and extract in the directory of guide but not see go.zip in 2001C folder!

Can help me?

There isn't one. Heres what you actually need to do (from the original 8chan post):

You need dosbox (0.74 works). Extract the folder and mount it as C:\ (ex. MOUNT C E:\Downloads\folder\2001C)

Then goto C:\ in Dosbox and run GO.BAT. Play Shanghai and Find-it, or some of the random card games. Then go back to a modern game on your bigshot pc :) .


Key S goes to a setup menu. Space exits to Dos. It's set to free play. No idea how to insert coin.

Mouse is hacked to emulate touch screen, no idea how it's done. Maybe you can tell me.


2007UNC folder contains a partial 2007 update dump with only Shanghai EXE included. If you are good in DOS 16-Bit hacking, maybe the 2001 cracked menu folder is an inspiration, and you can help crack the FP2007 update (and others?) for release. Enjoy!

BTW the 2001C folder can be mounted anywhere. It doesn't have to be in C:\Downloads\folder. The instructions given on this post must have been the result of Google Translate.

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