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[PC] Shoot'Em Up Recommendations


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vor 6 Stunden schrieb NoKey:

Looks like PC-Engine game. Great graphics and sounds. Wow.


Hell yeah


Reminds me at gates of Thunder.

Gonna play it this evening ❤️




Wow played it a few hours. Just give it a try. It really rocks like old school games does. There are a lot of very familiar enemies and foe formations. A really cool game with motivationmusic

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vor einer Stunde schrieb ducon2016:


Oui tres bon jeu. Houb a deja publie les shaders CRT il y a quelques mois, encore mieux avec CRT :D

Sorry I do not speak french but I hope you understand my english. :)


I played around with geom3. 1b.

Now this game looks so great. 

I will make a Screenshot tomorrow. 

Your a short video cause in motion it looks way better than a still frame 

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Just a reup.

Hope thy finish this start up soon. 

Played the demo. It's so cool. 

Also implemented crt shader which look awesome. 






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il y a 4 minutes, ducon2016 a dit :


10 euros for that? No thanks, I will keep using the mame version. Do yourself a favor, pay 5 euros more and get https://store.steampowered.com/app/544580/BULLET_SOUL/


je suis bien d'accord avec toi

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Guest williecoiote

Soldner-X: Himmelssturmer

(PC Version)

Soldner X2 is not avaliable for PC, but you can play very well on PS3 Emulator.

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vor 14 Stunden schrieb ducon2016:


Beautiful. Too bad it requires dual sticks, unplayable on an arcade setup.

Yeah.... I am also more into true arcade shmups but in this case I'll give it a try on console. There ain't no much shmups with animals or nature stuff. So Mushihisame and Darius are my favorites that's why I choose to play this too. 

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