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Searching for a nice frontend for console games


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Hi everyone,

I'm searching for one great frontend for all consoles which uses my GoodRoms sets of SNES, NES, N64, MD, MS & Atari2600 etc.

It should be able to show covers and ingame screenshots and this screen packs should be somewhere to download.

Who can recommend a nice and easy to handle console frontend ?


Thanks in advance ^_^


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I was part of the Hyperspin project for many years as content creator.. until it kind of died then I was introduced to Launchbox/Bigbox worth it trust me..

It gets better and better with each iteration you can have unlimited platforms sub genres and now with the new update 7.12 multiple themes per system.

Its very easy to setup and mix it with RLauncher and you have one hell of a kick ass setup my friend I use nothing else..





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LaunchBox is that what I was searching for, just having the original cover and some screenshots, that's it.

Sad that BigBox is definitely to expensive, it looks great.

Thanks for all answers :very-good:

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Big Box is worth the money after all the work he and the community has put into it... and it's only a one off payment/donation every so often they have a sale so keep checking my friend!


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