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  2. FightCade vs. Retroarch (?)

    Bonjour à tous, Je pense que nous nous souvenons tous avec nostalgie de l'époque des jeux d'arcade. Je me demande quel est le meilleur émulateur ou le plus recommandé pour jouer en "online". Merci.
  3. Merci! Many thanks for sharing this great title with us, @Bruce. Pls, which should I download? what's the "SHarcadeVidSndFix" ?
  4. SOLVED! That is what I did yesterday, @Gtguy. Run compatibility troubleshooter and now works Thank you for your reply, @Rikario Thanks so much for everything & K. regards.
  5. Saluts amis! Pls, I do have a problem with the file "Pad_config.exe" that contain the games Taito Arcade Dumps. As you know, used to configure the gamepad/joystick or the keys on the keyboard. When I try to open in, I get a the following message error: "Could not initialize Direct Input: 1". Pls see the pic: [Hidden Content] I really do not understand at all.Pls, perhaps you could let me know a solution .... Many thanks in advance!
  6. I Am Looking For The Kf Sky Stage (Taito) ?

    Salut, Your help is greatly appreciated Bruce! Thanks so much for everything.
  7. Hi friends! I do not speak the French. I know that is impolite, but I would ask you to understand and bear with me. Pls, I would like to know where can I download "The King of Fighters Sky Stage" (Taito Type X) ? Many thanks in advance!
  8. Here comes a new challenger

    Salut à tous! I am a new member and I would hope forward to learn from each one of you. My name is Miguel, I'm from Spain and I love to play video games, especially about Arcade game. Pls, excuse my ignorance of the language French. With kind regards.