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  1. Just to report that everything works great for me. Great job! Was a different version of Windows 10 used than the one in V3? I had resolved the issue with shutdowns for all the games (including the newer TTX3 ones), but still had an issue with MAME and Demul games shutting down after 25-30 minutes. Happy to report that seems to be fixed now with V4. I've been playing for two days and not a single random shutdown!
  2. Can't wait to try it. Thanks to everyone who worked on this!
  3. I think I saw in another thread that Samurai Shodown 1.80 or 2.30 is now available?
  4. Yes, this is the exact same type of shutdowns I was experiencing.
  5. I'll take a look at my system settings and windows settings when I get back home later this week. I changed a few things, so it could be something else.
  6. No, I've never done that button combination and the system still did the random shutdown.
  7. Like many of you, I was experiencing the random reset with the multi and was extremely frustrated by it. I could not play for longer than 30 minutes or so on the more graphically demanding games without it resetting at the worst possible time. I went into the TTX3 menu and made sure the watchdog timer was set to "disabled", but it still made no difference. I figured it may be the temperatures/system overheating, so I cleaned the system fan, cleaned the cpu fan and cooler, and applied new thermal paste to both GPU and CPU and still had the issue. Temperatures were nowhere near what could be considered high. Then I noticed that on the TTX3 menu it game me an error for "system fan 1 stopped working", even though I could clearly hear it spinning and I even opened the back of my cab to confirm. Then I went to the multi utilities menu and opened up control panel. I believe it was in the power setting where there is an option that says the system automatically shuts down if it detects any error. I disabled that option and have not had a reset since. I have played a couple of times for over 2 hours. Played and finished Fighting EX Layer, then played and finished Street Fighter V right after, and finished up with a journey all the way to the end boss on Samurai Showdown (sorry, couldn't beat that boss after many tries - typical SNK end boss cheapness). Hope this helps. The system kept thinking there was an error there, when there wasn't one and kept shutting the system because of it. I may be totally wrong on this, but just sharing my experience in case that is what is causing the resets for others.
  8. Question for those who may know more than me about Taito Type X3 and multi SSD. For those Nesica games that are single player (Samurai Shodown 2019, Fighting Layer EX, Street Fighter V, Million Arthur Arcana Blood, BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle) and some other single player games (Pokken Tournament, Mario Kart Arcade GP, Tekken 7, etc), are you able to play local multiplayer by connecting two cabs? Just wondering if anyone has tried.
  9. That is a very solid list of game recommendations! School of Ragnarok is one I've been wanting to try for a while.
  10. Thank you so much for adding Tatsunoko vs Capcom! That is my son's favorite game. Any word on IGS PGM games (Demon Front, Martial Masters, Spectral vs Generation)? I won't ask for anything else after that.
  11. My coin mech was unhooked a long time ago, as I wired it to a button for a PC. I was just wondering if I missed a button combination for adding coins. If not, I guess I'll just wire it up again.
  12. Question: for those of us on arcade cabinets, is there a button or button combination for inserting coins? Right now I have a keyboard attached, but it is really the only thing requiring me to have a keyboard attached at all.
  13. Couple of things I found while testing: -In the NAOMI games section, when I select Zero Gunner 2 it boots up Toy Fighter (Toy Fighter also boots up Toy Fighter). -HLSL filter is good for older games like CPS1, but seems really heavy for the Cave shooters (maybe even CPS3). I think most of the newer CAVE shooters natively ran in 31k? The HLSL makes it a bit harder to recognize bullet patterns and detail on those games. I'll check out what MAME settings I have for those and report back. For next round of games to be added, I would also like to nominate Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, if at all possible. Thanks again for everything! What I tested so far ran smoothly and no slowdowns.
  14. My biggest wants would be an addition of IGS PGM games (Demon Front, Martial Masters, Spectral vs Generation). The only other thing that would make this perfect would be if it was possible to make it run 2 players for Samurai Spirits, Street Fighter V, and KOF XIV. As it is, it already is amazing, though. Great job by the developer and many thanks!