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  1. Go to page 28 of the forum
  2. Is there a patch around that translates the Test menu? **edit** Sorry this was not meant to be a quote to this user. I misclicked
  3. is this a discord server? do you have an invite?
  4. where did you see this?
  5. I think I remember someone saying that the game doesn't run well with an AMD GPU. What graphics card are you using?
  6. I don't believe you can. I use the program "borderless gaming" to force it to do full screen. [Hidden Content]
  7. Check the Chunithm Amazon thread. There is a good step-by-step guide there
  8. What was wrong with the audio?
  9. The English patch is partial right? Some things are translated to English (character skills) and most of the game is still in Japanese
  10. There really is an English patch for Paradise?? I've been through so many threads and haven't seen it floating around at all. One person posted it for Amazon and I never saw it again. Would someone mind posting it here and dming?
  11. There is no English patch for Paradise. An English patch was started for Amazon but never finished
  12. Download A020 and A114. Merge them into the A008 folder. Overwrite when prompted
  13. I also have 945 songs. I did find 1 duplicate song somewhere (literally the exact 2 songs next to each other). I ran a program to detect more duplicates and it says most of the songs in Worlds End are duplicates. I'm not good enough to do Worlds End songs so I rarely check, but I did see some songs that appear twice. But I also don't know if they have different charts