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  1. Can anyone provide the 32-key chuniio.dll for Tasoller (not the custom firmware)? I re-read this thread but failed to find it edit: nvm, found it at another thread/
  2. Does Tasoller LED patch work on Firmware 2.0?
  3. I also had the exact same issue when I used the 32 key dll, but got the game running perfectly by using the custom firmware and the dll provided with it.
  4. Use the new taosoller firmware and its custom chuniio.dll somewhere in this thread. There is no way to keybind the air sensors in segatools.
  5. Extract using PowerISO. Got the new songs perfectly.
  6. Works perfectly, Thank you so much!
  7. Can anyone tell me what fix I have to make to minime to bypass the 'GetUserLoginBonus' problem? I tried fixing it myself but failed.
  8. Also having the same problem. (When I try to 'scan' my card, it says connection failed. Guest play works fine.)
  9. I did not try Seaurchin yet, I'm just sticking to this software for now because it's still playable, the occasional crashes are a bit annoying but not a huge problem.
  10. Yep, it works correctly with the 32-key chunio.dll, however the random crashes are a problem. I have no idea how to get rid of it.
  11. I'm using Tasoller and it works fine with the 32-key chunio.dll, however the game seems to crash randomly when playing.
  12. The game seems to crash every now and then when I use the 32-key chuniio.dll, are there any ways to solve this, or change the keys of the air sensors by segatools?