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  1. I was told by friend that when you play iidx on pc for more than approx. 1 hour or so, the accuracy start to go off little by little. Of course, I can't complain(since I am playing for free), but I did notice that when I play early, my fast-slow count is about equal, but the longer I play, the amount of fast counts doubles or triples the slow count, including the songs I know how to play well. I am not sure if this is just my hands getting exhausted after playing long, or if this is actually something that happens on pc because of its limitations?(I am playing on 120 hz) I'm guessing it's due to the fact that the hz rate never actually reaches 120 hz, as mine fidgets around 119.80-ish. Have there been a good fix/solution to fully support 120hz? I am using Acer XG270HU 27inch monitor(supports 144hz) via display port.
  2. Is anyone having issues with Pop'n Peace flickering issue? The game works great and smooth, but I noticed the game will occasionally have black flicking streaks going thru the monitor like static and will sometimes the monitor will just black out for few seconds and return. This only seems to happen on full-screen mode and not when on windowed mode. Anyone solved this issue?
  3. Thank you for both iidx 28 file and the fast plugin! You guys rock! Game works smooth and perfect! But I do have one question. I actually never used asphyxia before and am not quite sure how to get this to work.. If anyone can give me an advice to how to get it working, it would be greatly appreciated!
  4. I got the popn working. Thank you for the file! just one problem tho. So i got the Popn Peace, but when I started it Starts Popn 23 instead. I'm gonna guess I'm supposed to do something with the JAA file, but I'm not quite sure what to do here. Tips on how to upgrade popn 23 to Popn Peace would be appreciated. Thank you!
  5. Can I ask you how you locked the timer on select menu?? I haven't seen a bemanipathcer for this yet...
  6. Testing. I have a Ipad pad 4th gen 12.9". I attempted to play the game using DUET display app. So far: -I can run it on ipad when its on windows mode, but on fullscreen it DOES NOT. I'm going to guess it's because the ipad size resolution is smaller than the game. -Touch does NOT work on the game. While using the ipad as touch screen monitor(ex. pressing the start button or closing a window) works, RB will NOT register the finger touch on the screen. I still has to use the mouse to play. But then again, I think the Ipad pro 4th gen touch has a really bad lag input, so its probably a not a good idea to use it to play RB. Or was there something I was supposed to adjust on config? Will try some other stuff, but again, playing RB by using ipad as a touch screen thru DUET app is probably not a good idea....
  7. Hey guys, Thanks for the support. I tested this and this works perfect(still no touch-screen monitor :(...) So far, I tried it with the mouse and it works great! Now time to get me a touch-screen monitor lol. Do have some minor issues tho: I currently have it on Windows mode, as others have mentioned it above, the game does crash on full-screen mode-probably because the monitor I have is horizontal and NOT vertical. I do have a 2nd monitor connected that is Vertical. So the issue is that I try to move the game to the 2nd monitor, but the windows bar on top will DISAPPEAR VERY FAST as the game app loads, and it will not be able to be moved to other screen or anywhere. I wonder if there's a way to have the windows bar stay all the time without it disappearing?? I have to use the slight of hand to move it to the 2nd monitor before the windows bar on the top disappears. I also tried to resize the game while on windows mode - this will cause the game to crash...I'm going to guess that my 2nd monitor, which is vertical, the resolution doesn't work with the game?(It's benq xl2411p). Also, is there a bemani patcher for this? The only one I see for reflecBeat is Groovin' upper.
  8. What touch screen monitor are you using? Would like to get a same model just to be safe...
  9. Thx for the help guys! I got the iidx 27 working. I do have a question tho. I noticed that as you play the songs with lyrics, the said lyrics will gradually become off from the sound, which will cause issues with hitting the notes perfectly. Is there way to fix this? I have it on 120hz. I noticed that this issue is more severe when not locked on 120 hz...
  10. I'm quite new to programs other than spicetool. Is Asphyxia a program like butterfly used to generate card for bemani games? If that is the case, can't I just play this without card using -ea on spicetools, or is Asphyxia mandatory to run the game?
  11. Did anyone actually downloaded iidx 27 from the above [Hidden Content] ?? If so, can anyone let us know whether the files actually work? Does it include the omnimix? Does the "installation" process the same as any other bemani games that uses spicetools?
  12. @topet2k12001 I think I figured it out. My guess is that prior to clicking .bat file or spice to start the game, I need to click the butterfly file. I did this and finally got it working with my card and saving records and everything. I'm not sure what happened prior, because right after downloading and doing all the steps according to the video, everything worked. Perhaps it messes something up when turning off the computer, so my guess is that I need to turn on butterfly anytime before starting the game. I assumed after turning on butterfly, I don't have to turn it on anymore for the future. Either way. I finally got it working well. Thank you so much for the support!
  13. @g3nsvrv, thank you for the support! But the game remains stuck on not being able to start on the menu, other than putting in coin. I went into spicecfg and tried adding -ea. Adding that command, while this solved the issue and I am able to play, this only allows me to play, but cannot use generated emusement card, thus not being able to save my personal record... I did went on the clock on the service before putting -ea, the clock seems to work ok at this time. Perhaps I'm missing something else in the spicecfg? I don't need to press butterfly file everytime prior to turning the game on, right?
  14. I followed the steps and I got this working. Thank you so much!!! But I'm having some problems tho.. It was initially working just fine. Later I turned off my computer and turned it on and its not working.. The game screen turns on, but I see some this: After the load page, I see this yellow box with japanese words I can't read, and when it does take me to the main page, I see that smaller box with japanese words on the left hand, as well as the sign [not available] on the bottom left as well. I can add coins, but I can't press start button. I'm not sure if this is due to turning the game off by Alt +f4 during game play, or I need to tweak something in the setting...how do I fix this? Thank you!
  15. Thanks for the upload! I have just few questions: 1)following the guide on configuring & starting the game, can I make .bat file and use that to run the game? Or do i always need to click on butterfly, then spicetool file? 2)Related to question #1, if .bat file can be made, is -w -ea the only thing I need to add? Or is there additional commands I need to add? 3)can this version of DDR be patched at mon.im?