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  1. Do you have any special tips to have the game read you correctly? For example, having a bright room, specific dress's color, distance, etc.?
  2. I think this game is worth more than a MEGA's 1 month subscription you know?
  3. Is kinect studio required to be opened before launching spice or just installed?
  4. Did you install KinectSDK-v1.7-Setup and KinectDeveloperToolkit-v1.7.0-Setup? Also, is your kinect "stable" or does it continuously connect and disconnect from your pc? This is important
  5. Did you assign buttons via spicecfg?
  6. Ok guys I finally did it! Disconnection problem was caused by the insufficient power of my USB 3.0, so I used an external USB 3.0 hub (with USB 3.0 ports) a that solved it! the kinect doesn't disconnect anymore. Kinect studio doesn't recognize it, but spicetools launch the game and I get no errors. The game now starts and I'm happy, I can browse songs etc. sadly my actual room is very small and dark, so I wasn't able to perform an accurate accuracy test, (I had some problems browsing the songs, but I think it's my room's size and light problem). I was still able to try a song and get a few perfect anyway. Now I will try to help new comers if I can, as you all helped me, I'm so grateful :D
  7. I just got my kinect plugged into my PC, when I start Kinect Studio, this is what I get: What should I do here? p.s. Kinect (xbox 360 version)gets continuously disconnected and reconnected, can someone help, please? I'm desperate ;( Edit: ok I used an external USB 3.0 hub (external alimentation) and the kinect is not disconnecting and reconnecting anymore. But Kinect Studio doesn't recognize it it seems I'm using this connector, bought yesterday:
  8. I looked at the spice.exe log, this is what happens if I press space button as suggest for P1 start button what am I missing?
  9. I did exactly as you say, binding only test, start etc. buttons to the "1, 2 ,3" etc. buttons below the "f1, f2" etc buttons. I get this screen and nothing happens: I tried to press test or service button I binded few seconds earlier in cfg, but nothing happens at the spice.exe log I see this: I binded the buttons "1" for test and "2" for service, but as soon as I press one of them, log says W:pkglist: unknown: no list. (I didn't plug kinect yet, but I don't think that's the problem) If i double click eaLocalServer and start it, and after that I launch, I get this screen and no button works. I tried F3, space button etc, as suggested in the middle part of that screen, nothing happens. I tried the buttons I binded before, nothing happens.
  10. No errors? Not even the e-amusement one? or did you launch eaLocalServer first? If i click spice as it is, I get this error: If I pen spicecfg and to this then I get this and can't get past ;( (I didn't plug kinect yet)