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  1. FBNeo

    Here [Hidden Content] if you know chinese,you can got it
  2. Thank you so much.but i have not install hyperspin,because i have not hyperspin files.
  3. Thanks again. If you can share the seeds of all the files, I would appreciate it。 because I don't know how to install these files.
  4. Thanks for share. But I still don't know how to install, please guide me, thank you.
  5. use ttx3 ultra street fighters game.exe replace nes2 game.exe.You will happy play.
  6. Congratulation.Hope you have a good day.
  7. Don't worry,I think you can close antivirus software when use this loader.
  8. Maybe friends can use this loader play it. iDmacXv1.7_2019_04_10.rar
  9. [Hyperspin] NESiCAxLive for Hyperspin Theme

    I dont know.I open hyperspin.exe,but tips cannot loading. maybe i want install some else software?
  10. [Hyperspin] NESiCAxLive for Hyperspin Theme

    I cannot opne hyperspin.exe,tips:
  11. Can share "cryptserver" key or a decrypted game.exe.? Thanks