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  1. We'll see how things will go when 29 drops. If KONAMI really pissed off that much, they gonna do something about it. Until then - no one cares. Especially when the data is basically everywhere now.
  2. [Arcade PC] SDVX Vivid Wave

    Just forget about running Exceed Gear on Radeons, at least for now. It's inplayable due to missing lasers (VOL L/R)
  3. Game updated to version 1.3. This will be a final update... I think. Can't do a thing with common.ifs. The file itself somehow is broken and I can't build a new one without errors in ifstool(
  4. I achieved full tune after race 79. Also nothing changed in my end about music. It always 11th song no matter if I played time attack
  5. @G KENNON ehhm.... You mean that you need an in-depth tutorial about how to use this thing? :/ Well first things first it's an ONLY database editor. Converting charts, sound files and other arrangements.... well.... That will be a different story.
  6. Its maybe just me but vanilla feels better visually. Especially with lightning an effects on stages. Also it is doesnt have stupid 2D characters If I were good at hacking/modding stuff I prefer to update the roster to season 4 and add couple missing characters. But unfortunately Vanilla is playable only in training mode so... :(
  7. Check that chinese link to onedrive on 1cc board @buck116 Here The guy uploaded FR2 just yesteday
  8. Hmmm I dunno man... I ported my custom stuff from Pendual and it works fine. Just make sure that you converted those audio files into Microsoft 4-bit ADPCM if you prefer the old .2dx way otherwise it might lead to unexpected results As for .s3p.... well, using wma container would be a big deal if I got a proper tools to build those .s3p's
  9. [Arcade PC] ALL.Net P-ras MULTI Ver. 3

    the funny thing is that VFE2021 file system is exactly the same as VF5FS in Like A Dragon folder (except the overall size of course). It might means that VF5 is already on DEngine from what time exactly? Since Yakuza 6 came out in 2018? Also what is the right way to unpack APM loader to run the game properly or is that not enough right now?
  10. I dont mind splitted archive on mega. It makes easier to bypass the cap Btw. Which version is actually this? Does it included season 3 from home version? :/
  11. Do I need to start another clear savedata in order to tune another car? Well... if I pick a new car in existing profile, story mode doesn't reset to chapter 1.... hmmm....
  12. @ZX3000GT1 can you give me data/sound/BGM/SYS_01B.nub file from 5DX+ dump if you have it?
  13. Naah, it's not the point of having NVIDIA GPU, I am rockin on Radeon perfectly fine in this game.
  14. Make sure that JConfig recognized your gamepad first. Then check the box "CreateThread for Joysticks". After that choose your gamepad type DInput (DualShock 4 ex.) or XInput (Xbox) and try to bind the buttons again.