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  1. Is it planned a full hide of the windows10 boot logo/user account login?
  2. Did anyone experimented a freeze on virtua tennis 4 after a little bit of playing? Edit: nevermind, after rebooting the system it didn't happen again. Maybe previous playing of other games had broken something on the fly.
  3. If anyone want to fix "Spica Adventure TTX direct3d error", simply rename or cancel the D3D9.dll on the root of the game directory.
  4. Seems that someone has fixed Blazing Star [Hidden Content]
  5. Would like to report that on the nfo release note there's a typo error for the left and right second player commands.
  6. Ram upgrade isn't mandatory, with i3 cpu you can play all games without slowdown except tekken7 that require a 4core cpu otherwise you have black screen. The gpu gtx760/780 is the only best upgrade you have to do on my pov.
  7. I have tested the img on two machines, one with an i5 cpu and another one with i3 cpu just to test if it will possible to play tekken7 in a multiplayer lan environment. Unfortunately seems that the game doesn't work on i3 cpu (black screen after the splash screen). For what i have understand it require a minimum of 4 phisical core.
  8. Thank you, enabling vsync resolved the issue. Now it work like a charm. Cheers.
  9. Did anyone experience a lot of tearing on mame games? Wonder if disabling hlsl will resolve the issue. Also, did anyone tried something like joy2key to have an xboxone pad fully supported on something like consolized system?