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  1. The fact we're already past Crystal is dangerous enough, it gives them a stronger incentive to tighten security/encryption.
  2. Patch your game(s) on [Hidden Content] to enable shared mode WASAPI
  3. Important to note: AMD/X570 motherboards are still not supported, PCIe USB 3.0 cards work though
  4. For now the only difference I noticed is that I'm hitting more Fasts and that using a single finger is more reliable.
  5. Ended up trying for myself and sure enough, it works and also transfers pressure information from 0-255
  6. I wonder... in test mode, does the game actually register pressure or is it still 0 or 128 with no in between?
  7. As in touch firmware? Is it the same as the one DAO provides on their support page?
  8. The dll's are different, but I don't have my Tasoller on 2.0 yet so I can't really test. I guess I could prep my laptop to do the UART upgrade, but at the same time I don't wanna risk losing LEDs if this doesn't work.
  9. That's just the official firmware, no?
  10. The only good reason for pressure sensitive transmission is literally to more accurately send data to chuni since the game reads those sensors from 0-255
  11. Just run the unlocker [Hidden Content]
  12. Air input should already be bound correctly (set your Windows keyboard settings to US layout if you're having trouble). Cfw is the custom firmware which provides HID lightning, but if your Tasoller is on touch firmware 2.0 it won't work.
  13. Yea use segatools, 32key is enabled by default you just need to edit the settings file to actually bind them, or use the cfw with the provided chuniio.
  14. I think it's less that cfw has less delay and more that cfw activates before you even touch the panel, keyboard mode/chuniio doesn't have any notable delay to speak of iirc
  15. Unfortunate, but I'll take gameplay over LEDs