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  1. i really appreciate your willingness to help! i followed your advice and tried removing any stick reference from the coin and start keys and neither works. And yes, I was pushing the main number keys, not the numpad. here is my config and it is in the root of the DL2 folder, file is named controls.cfg and are you the one doing these conversions? they look beautiful! Keep it up! can i buy you a pint over PayPal? last question, what are the odds of getting direct input implemented? i'd be willing to pay -- Default Mappings DEAD_ZONE = 12000 INPUT_UP = { SCANCODE.UP, GAMEPAD_0.DPAD_UP, GAMEPAD_0.AXIS_LEFT_Y_U } INPUT_LEFT = { SCANCODE.LEFT, GAMEPAD_0.DPAD_LEFT, GAMEPAD_0.AXIS_LEFT_X_L } INPUT_DOWN = { SCANCODE.DOWN, GAMEPAD_0.DPAD_DOWN, GAMEPAD_0.AXIS_LEFT_Y_D } INPUT_RIGHT = { SCANCODE.RIGHT, GAMEPAD_0.DPAD_RIGHT, GAMEPAD_0.AXIS_LEFT_X_R } INPUT_1P_COIN = { SCANCODE.MAIN_5 } INPUT_2P_COIN = { SCANCODE.MAIN_6 } INPUT_1P_START = { SCANCODE.MAIN_1 } INPUT_2P_START = { SCANCODE.MAIN_2 } INPUT_ACTION_1 = { SCANCODE.LCTRL, GAMEPAD_0.BUTTON_A } INPUT_ACTION_2 = { SCANCODE.LALT, GAMEPAD_0.BUTTON_B } INPUT_ACTION_3 = { SCANCODE.LSHIFT } INPUT_ACTION_4 = { SCANCODE.RSHIFT } INPUT_SKILL_EASY = { SCANCODE.F1, GAMEPAD_0.BUTTON_LEFT_BUMPER } INPUT_SKILL_MEDIUM = { SCANCODE.F2, GAMEPAD_0.BUTTON_RIGHT_BUMPER } INPUT_SKILL_HARD = { SCANCODE.F3, GAMEPAD_0.AXIS_LEFT_TRIGGER_P } INPUT_SERVICE = { SCANCODE.MAIN_9, GAMEPAD_0.BUTTON_RIGHT_STICK } INPUT_TEST_MODE = { SCANCODE.F4, GAMEPAD_0.BUTTON_X } INPUT_RESET_CPU = { SCANCODE.F10 } INPUT_SCREENSHOT = { SCANCODE.F12 } INPUT_QUIT = { SCANCODE.ESCAPE, SCANCODE.Q } INPUT_PAUSE = { SCANCODE.P, GAMEPAD_0.BUTTON_Y } INPUT_CONSOLE = { SCANCODE.GRAVE } INPUT_TILT = { SCANCODE.T } INPUT_GRAB = { SCANCODE.G }
  2. can you post a config file for one of your games? for instance, DL2, the cfg says main_1 and main_5 for start and coin. shouldn't 1 and 5 work as is? i can't even register a coin drop... i'm probably not using the cfg correctly. thanks a ton man!
  3. thank you for the response. any chance you can share your cfg file and even your ahk script? i have never had much luck with joy2key. i can get it to work but there always seems to be double key presses or some ghosting going on so i am trying on this new build to not use it. as an example, i looked at the DL2 control cfg file. i see that keys 1 and 5 are set to start and coin. but those buttons dont seem to work so i'm not sure if i spend time in the cfg for my direction controls, that that will even work. thanks a ton man!
  4. apologies if this has been answered... can i change controls to my arvade cabinet and keyboard encoder? for instance, the letter "" is my fire button(action button in singe).i tried making some change in the cfg file t no luck on my end...
  5. can someone please gdrive wacky races? i had it working but i screwed it up. i’d really really appreciate it!!!
  6. [Arcade PC] Blazing Angels (Global VR)

    anyone know a way to change the resolution? many thanks!
  7. [Arcade PC] Blazing Angels (Global VR)

    just curious why this and a few others require to be in the root of the drive? just wondering...
  8. [Arcade PC] Blazing Angels (Global VR)

    thanks a ton man, really! just finished the dl...
  9. [Arcade PC] Blazing Angels (Global VR)

    anyone willing to gdrive this one? I have tried TOR and a VPN and everytime I click to download, the download page tells me it's not available in the US.
  10. [Arcade PC] Blazing Angels (Global VR)

    anywhere to get this other than upto? im in the US and have tried a vPN but still cant seem to download. thanks!
  11. hey gtguy. you think you can post a few pics of GLARH set up screen to get batman to play correctly on a lower rez screen? i can’t figure it out. thanks man!
  12. anyone having first level yavin issues? game loads, but then the movement stops, like my swing is stuck. audio still plays fire buttons work, just can’t get the ship to move! all other levels seem to be ok
  13. cemu iso’s?

    anyone know of some good locations for wii u titles? thanks!
  14. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    new to the board, i cant seem to open the mega link for rambo 4, can anyone help? many thanks!