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  1. I’m curious what are you guys BIOS version and smart fan settings in the BIOS as well as your connected SYS_FAN header. My fan is connected on SYS_FAN2 header, whenever I boot with « SYS_FAN1 failure message »enabled, I get the fan failure message. I tried with another brand new fan I had laying around, error still appears.
  2. Just tried it and I think it solved my problem too. Check This to get the procedure. i let the cab run yesterday on sf5 and it didn’t reboot as usual.
  3. Thanks Murray, with this info I was able to make a launcher script that seem to work. Capcom_launch.zip
  4. Can anyone access the test menu of the 4 Capcom CPS2 games on TTX2 (hsf2/sf3.3/sfz3/vampire)? I mean, using the test button, not going through explorer. All I get is a black screen and I have to close and restart windows session to get access back
  5. not sure if it's of high importance, but check line 257 of the neogeo script "FileChangeDir("E:\syem\AM")"
  6. I had the same error on first launch of Fist of the North Star. I plugged a mouse, problem went away as far as I know. I need to double check to make sure. On another note, Blazing Star doesn't launch. The script is wrong, it launches Breakers. I guess someone was tired ^^
  7. All right, I changed my keyboard and it went smoothly I still can't load explorer.exe though. Would anyone by kind enough to upload it ?
  8. Hi, I can't access the BIOS. Any clue as why ? I plug a USB keyboard, maintain ctrl+alt+F9 at start, I get 2 successive splash screens "taito type X3", then windows boot... This is driving me nuts. I might try with another keyboard tomorrow (still this should work)