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    RingEdge, Lindbergh Yellow, TTX1, TTX2, TTX3, Namco246/256, Naomi1/2, CPS2/3, F3, G-Net, MVS. Vewlix-L, JAMMA cab, Sega Rally 3 cab, Initial D cab.
  1. That's the advantage of a Chewlix the 1080P screen as the Taito Vewlix L, F & C only have 720P and both of mine have brown banding on the backlights too. I'm holding out for someone to release a decent OLED 32" gaming monitor at which time I'll replace them both.
  2. Has anyone got this dump working on a real SR3 cab - I've got one but the Arcade-PC was missing from the base. All the PCB's test out OK Controls use a Sega USB io PCB and FFB is a printer-port connection. I managed to get the Daytona USA dump working (without FFB) with a spare PC I had lying around but still can't get SR3 working.
  3. So this won't work on a Taito Vewlix as the standard screen is only 720P (unless you have a Diamond which is 1080P) - so not much point in downloading it anyway....