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  1. figured out the default controls. in short the recent main guide suggesting spicetools to launch didnt work for me. however the previous guide uploaded earlier by another user that works without spicetools did, [Hidden Content] it doesnt mention 2p start button however, that is the "shift" key. def hit f11 upon starting the game to set it to freeplay and ditch the coin bs, as well as to start it in event mode for all songs ig. grahpics are a bit glitchy in these in game settings but be patient, they can jump all over on its own, just go down to save and exit once it lands on the setting you need if messing with the sound like i was.
  2. update: so for some reason it doesnt seem to like being launched with spicetools for me. i tried starting the ealocalserver and then launching gamestart.bat as adminstrator and the game is working now. weird. now i just got to figure out how to change the controls.
  3. enlarged some so easier to see
  4. the window that comes up that logs all the shit, has a redline that says signal end. right before it closes/crashes
  5. nvrmd, i got spicetools from the guide. Howvever after using it to launch dance evolution, the game window comes up black and then closes itself. what am i doing wrong??? Help :/
  6. spicetools link is gone/dead, anyone link me to it pls?
  7. nvrmnd! got it to download. one question, i heard there was an updated dump. is there a link?
  8. HELP. mega says the files to big to download. mega sync aint workin either.