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[Arcade PC] Left4Dead Survivors (Taito Type X3)


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Special thanks to 1cc. 


No loaders are required

A BAT file is included in the download link to run the game, the game runs in a similar way to Cyberdiver and HalfLife 2 Survivor

By default the bat file will run in 1080p borderless windowed however you can change it to windowed/fullscreen

Unfinished English translation is also included

Download: https://mega.nz/#F!N9xn1AyL!RJpnH7f6jKTglK7gGQ0qkA!4gA0GSwA

mirror: http://teknoparrot.link.free.fr/multi/Left%204%20Dead%20Survivors.html

Changing the res:

Note: The UI does not scale properly with any res other than 1920x1080, Lowering the res may break the UI and menus. Editing config files is not recomended

To change the res add -width X -height X to the end of the bat file, Replace the X's with your chosen res eg. for 1440p (2560x1440) you would use -width 2560 -height 1440



Snapshot - 31.png



"L4DOL" Mod 

Makes the game appear online, changes the top right network icon to green and removes nesica offline text on the menus

Extract it over the game files

Download: https://nofile.io/f/dHcgJVmORvc/L4DOL.7z



Note: The game has a launch flag which can simulate it being connected to NESiCA, I wasn't aware of this when making this mod

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Merci beaucoup pour les liens

Il faut décompresser tous les fichiers l4d.7z.001..002...003.ect avant de lancer load_survivors.bat

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23 minutes ago, eathearty1 said:

@Harry99710 Where to place the l4dArcadeui_english.txt file and also do i overwrite files with what is in the decom folder


ps- how to increase game size as it shows in centre of screen as 1080

thanking you in advance

add  -width x -height x to the end of the bat, change the x with what res you want the game to run at. bear in mind the ui will not scale properly to any resolution other than 1080p

i'm not sure where l4dArcadeui_english.txt goes

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@Harry99710 Thank you very much the english file goes into \left4dead2\resource and you change the -language japanese in the bat file to -language english it is only partially translated.  Some of the items when you change size as you described stay the 1080 size but when you get in game the game seems fine 

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26 minutes ago, july2779 said:

in my folders i don't see this Load_survivors.bat file

When you download the files, click on the main directory and download ALL files not just the game folder and download as ONE ZIP file.

After extracting the main directory should have all the extra files including the .bat file and the Game folder which needs to be extracted.


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My Bat File to launch  1080p


left4dead2.exe -console -arcadeIO_InitializeSkip -game left4dead2 -language japanese -width 1920 -height 1080

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update command to lunch game
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  • Modo

lol voici une partie en fr déjà dan le jeu
modifier votre bat comme ceci

left4dead2.exe -console -arcadeIO_InitializeSkip -game left4dead2 -language french -width 1920 -height 1080




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4 hours ago, spiderzsoft said:

left4dead2 change resolution ini path is...



    "setting.defaultres"        "1366"
    "setting.defaultresheight"        "768"

When changing the resolutions on the cfg it changes back to 

"setting.defaultres"        "1920"
"setting.defaultresheight"        "1080" on every boot of game, is there any other place that the resolutions needs to be changed in other words what file is making the cfg automatically change back to 1080 on every boot of the game.  Adding the resolutions to the bat file is the only way that it seems not to revert back to default resolution.

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HI, could someone put up a step by step tutorial how to get this game working please, my son is driving me crazy to play this

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Tenho algumas dúvidas:

1 - Eu devo iniciar o jogo com o arquivo left4dead2.exe?

2 - Devo fazer o update com a pasta incomplete update\decom.7z?




I have some doubts:

1 - Should I start the game with the file left4dead2.exe?

2 - Should I update with the folder: \incomplete update\decom.7z?

thank you.

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