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Error trying to open the "Pad config" of TAITO Arcade (?)

Pee Wee

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Saluts amis!


Pls, I do have a problem with the file "Pad_config.exe" that contain the games Taito Arcade Dumps. As you know, used to configure the gamepad/joystick or the keys on the keyboard. When I try to open in, I get a the following message error: "Could not initialize Direct Input: 1". Pls see the pic:




I really do not understand at all.Pls, perhaps you could let me know a solution ....


Many thanks in advance! 

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I believe that you're trying to config a dump that used a software called "Arcade pc loader". This software use different launchers for config things like video settings and pad settings. Pad_config.exe is part of this software. You can install arcade pc loader or, you can get a "clean dump" of the game and config with the correct launchers (you can read more about this in the Taito type X thread

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