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  1. I think my popn25 works. do you mean you need the file? Try this :D [Hidden Content]
  2. Anyone got Pop'n Music 24 Usaneko version working good? [Hidden Content] I seems to be missing the in-game fonts as the songlist is all messed up, (missing Korean fonts I guess?) Mega download here [Hidden Content]
  3. Thanks Denii for the explanation! :D No, sorry, I dont have any other :'( Would be fun as I recently scoread an X-PLORER xbox360 Guitar to use with the cab
  4. hehe sorry! fixed it now for anyone else want to download them! :D Ahh, so just remove the dll? Sounds strange but I guess I will try as phase max gives you all unlock right? thanks for the fix :D
  5. Here's my Pop'n Music 15 which should work straight out of the box. Links only working for a week it seems, but I guess you'll get them by then. Please get back to me if it works mate. :D [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  6. uploading mow mate, 3hrs leeft *lol* :D Do one need any hex for popn? Would be fun to try if you know how.
  7. how did you unlock songs with the hex nuddy? I have just enetered the code in the service menu for the titles who had them :D Please tell me how. I can send you the complete copy of my 15 if you want to mate. Guess it would take some time uploading it though
  8. i have these two, dont kow which one is used as it would just play directly. Please tell me if it works using any of the two (aro both :D) popn15_cracks.zip
  9. i have 15 working, but never got this one to work but go mine from another source. :D
  10. Any way to link a home made controller to trigger the buttons LED signals ON/OFF from the game? I know it could be build to trigger the LED upon pressed button, but as the buttons also lights up in the select menu it would be cool to have this working as well, as in the beginning of this video: [Hidden Content] Cheers and thanks for the uploads
  11. Thanks a bunch mr Mohkerz for revisiting this game, as I had terrible problim with the dongle protection before. got inside a level like 1 of 20 tries :DDDD This exe works superb onmy win7 system. I had to rename your exe and use the old bat as I also have use the "FarCry_MouseEnabler.exe" in the mix. Perfect with aimtrak and smooth mouse/light gun movement here!!!!!
  12. [WIP] AIM_Box [ AIMTRAK ]

    any news on this project? :D
  13. [WIP] AIM_Box [ AIMTRAK ]

    Looks awesome! Thought I read you where going to use AttractMode, but since I have read up I think LB - BigBox looks like the best front end to switch to. If I may de-rail this thread a bit with an off-topic question, is it easy to set up my RocketLauncher setup to go with BigBox? (Having HyperSpin + RL now) Cheers!
  14. [WIP] AIM_Box [ AIMTRAK ]

    cool looking video man! What front end is that? :D Looks awesome!!
  15. Thanks mate! I will try this. Just have time to start the game. Could not get into the service mode strangely, so I checked my JConfig which seems to be a special one just for his title named JConfigGA4.exe. I found how to change the volume here and aso the region, but nothing have effect. Could this be due to the demulshoooter I have to run as my aimtrak is too sensetive otherwise? I opened the minigun.ini and successfully change the region to U so I got english but changeing the volume 100 did no effect. Would be a happy camper if you have Gaia Attack 4 and care to check how yours behave. Thanks in advance!