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  1. I got this issue, the floor is not showing (Edit) I'm stupid, I had an option that was hidding it on On (I don't know how but I put it on Off and it's ok now)
  2. I finaly got it running, thank you so much. I'm wondering why there is unlimited time in game to chose the song ?
  3. Ok, so I got the same error on my PC with Ongeki Bright but no issue with red+, wich one are you trying to run ?
  4. You know that you can't execute .exe files on mac OS right ?
  5. For the people using nvdia GPU's , no need to change your monitor settings to 60hz, you can limit the max FPS to 60 in the Nvidia control panel, in the 3D settings section, choose Manage 3D settings, then in the window go to Program Settings and Add mu3.exe from the "Ongeki Red +\package" folder Then in the Specify the settings for this program list, find the Max FPS feature clic choose On and set to 60FPS
  6. I got the same, but it's different, I'm sure it's because they back up the data from servers on the original cab from 11:40pm to 12:00am
  7. You should read my post, I found the real fix
  8. I got an issue, the game was working well last time I played on august 29, but now I got a problem and I can't play. Does anyone have a fix ? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I found the solution go to the menu with the arrow on ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Then you maybe got something like that (it's the opening time of the arcade shop) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Set it like that ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And you are good
  9. Hi Vero1324, It Runs well on mine, Ryzen 7 1800x + RTX 2080, 32GB Ram DDR4 3000MHz Don't forget to set your monitor to 60fps before playing