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  1. I got the same, but it's different, I'm sure it's because they back up the data from servers on the original cab from 11:40pm to 12:00am
  2. You should read my post, I found the real fix
  3. I got an issue, the game was working well last time I played on august 29, but now I got a problem and I can't play. Does anyone have a fix ? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I found the solution go to the menu with the arrow on ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Then you maybe got something like that (it's the opening time of the arcade shop) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Set it like that ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And you are good
  4. Hi Vero1324, It Runs well on mine, Ryzen 7 1800x + RTX 2080, 32GB Ram DDR4 3000MHz Don't forget to set your monitor to 60fps before playing