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  1. 1.-download this torrent 2020020300 build [Hidden Content] download this, its the all in one V5 [Hidden Content] copy paste replace and thats it 4.-then in the prop folder put this file ea3-config.xml5.-this file is to unlock all the songs gamemdx.dll put that in the content folder, replace
  2. 2020072800 the offset works fine in that build and you can use butterfly
  3. if you are using the V5 aio it doesnt work, in older builds it does , wel,l thats what i notice :s i could be wrong remember to put the values in decimal, more easy
  4. im using 2020-07-28 build with butterfly 1.4.1 , theres a way to trigger the golden leagues privilege folder? and when i finish the game the ""thanks for playing" doesnt show up, i remember a post here that explains how to activate it via sqlite, but i cant find it anymore, help? im using the gold cab EDIT: ok after messing around in the butterfly sqfile, now i remembered that you just need to change in global events the rows 6 and 8 from 9999 to 10 just in case someone has that problem aswell...
  5. we cant put the darkest background (doesnt do anything) :( 2021-08-04
  6. [Arcade PC] Dance Dance Revolution A (Konami)

    Is there a way to play the baby lons adventure and rinon adventure? i cant set up the butterfly, or we canttt play that anymore?
  7. the asset "thank you for playing" is missing , im using the 20200727 build with butterfly, i dont remember what to change in the sqlite . does anyone remember?
  8. HAPPY☆ANGEL steps are missing in V5, the challenge 16 isnt there
  9. Hmmm.. the song happy angel from supernova used to have the oni chart "16" but now its gone, maybe that startup.arc doesnt unlock all the charts?
  10. how do i unlock the songs in V4 ??
  11. Maybe you have to edit the server in the ea3-config file
  12. DDR Hex Edit Compilation 09.20.2020.xlsx
  13. just download a free vpn in the chrome web store ( or whatever browser you are using) and then change your country, after that try to download again in mega