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  1. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Editing .xml profiles is not enough to add a game. You'll have to add your game exe PE checksum in OpenParrot' GameDetect.cpp, then open your game exe and OpenParrot lib with x64dbg or another debugger to apply patches needed.
  2. Lord of Vermilion IV 20 PLAN dump, full extraction from vdimg_ec.img The game may have to be patched or fixed to work offline, it's not tested yet. Game language seems to be in japanese. Game.exe is HellGame.exe in Binaries/TypeX/ folder. Links : mirror:
  3. Lord of Vermilion III - (Satellite) dump, full extraction from vdimg_ec.img The game may have to be patched or fixed to work offline, it's not tested yet. Game.exe is HellGame.exe in Binaries/TypeX/ folder. Links : Part 1 : [Hidden Content] Part 2 : [Hidden Content] Part 3 : [Hidden Content] Part 4 : [Hidden Content] Part 5 : [Hidden Content] Part 6 : [Hidden Content] miroir
  4. I guess you can open a NxL2 Windows session and use Bitlocker recovery. User : typexiot Domain : DESKTOP-QOCI3PH Password : Passiot2017 Btw, you can use Nesicabrute tool posted on Facebook to extract all the vdimg_ec.img not locked by Bitlocker : [Hidden Content]
  5. I know TX3 unit resets after 3 min of inactivity and a bit more in game attract mode. What you could do is disconnecting reset wire (next to power wire) after booting. You have to open your TX3 to disconnect it. Disconnecting it is risky, you have to reconnect it before powering off.
  6. Use your ATA password from a .txt file. Choose Max and User before locking. There're Crucial and PNY ATA keys .txt on this thread : [Hidden Content]
  7. Magician's Dead io may work. I have sent a PM.
  8. Search for Ducon's tool. Btw, is your uploaded stuff vdimg_ec.img or it need extraction from vdimg_ec.img with Taito Virtual Disk Decryptor tool ?
  9. Merci pour l'info. Ca concerne le serveur Type X Zero.
  10. I have uploaded NESICAxLive1 Taito Type X2 ver. 1.12 HDD full content (4 partitions). I let only one game : Dark Awake (402500 folder) in partition 3 as example. Partition 4 is a small partition (63 KB). Link : [Hidden Content]
  11. Des jeux à reconstituer dans le cache de Apache 2.2.
  12. Extracted Type X Zero server vdimg_ec.img : [Hidden Content]
  13. If you don't own a TX 3 unit and if it's a Western Digital drive, you can remove the password with WD Marvel demo version, select your drive, go to "Other" menu and "Clear password". If it's a Toshiba or Hitachi drive, you can use SeDiv in full version to copy or unlock your drive.
  14. You could hotswap to grab vdimg_ec.img from the last partition / volume. Let the game to boot, then disconnect the SATA thin data wire (thin red wire to the HDD) from your TX 3 unit, and, at last, rely a SATA data wire from your computer to the HDD instead.
  15. Download the latest version of Demul or an older one, then launch the game as Naomi decrypted rom in menu, it should work.