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  1. It has been dumped, but still protected by Bitlocker.
  2. I've noticed this is not a NESICAxLive2 version but for NESICAxLive 1. game.exe doesn't support NxL2Core.dll, and BBCF 2.0 has 2 releases in NESICAxLive 1 drive : 302510 (older) and this one : 304010. Btw, BBCF 2.0 NxL2 works in the same way, it was only to clarify.
  3. There's an update folder on Nesica 2 drive, but the files are crypted.
  4. Arcana Heart 3 Love Max was already released. Btw, I recently got NesicaxLive 1 TX2 which has BB Central Fiction 2.0 older, BB Central Fiction 2.0, Chaos Breakers for Nesica, Dark Awake and KoFXIII Climax for Nesica. All the files are crypted vdimg_ec.img, and Nesica version is 1.12.
  5. I don't have the router. It looks like any router with a TypeX Zero relied or simulated.
  6. Good trad' job ! Btw, is there someone able to extract game data from a container file protected with a Bitlocker password ? I'm ready to dump BB Cross Tag Battle container if someone can extract game data.
  7. To change the difficulty, you need Test mode that comes with Nesica 2 interface. As Nesica 2 interface is not publicly released, I don't know how to access extended Test mode.
  8. Intéressant, surtout pour TC5. Ce qui serait également intéressant, ce serait d'avoir la possibilité d'accéder au Test mode étendu sans l'interface Nesica 2 requise, pour changer le niveau de difficulté ou d'autres options.
  9. Iori is only available on Steam and console versions.
  10. Decrypted game exe : game_exe_NxL2_dec.rar
  11. I need a tool/soft able to clone drive protected with an ATA password and able to read the sectors. If I find it I could be able to remove the ATA password from the cloned drive with WD Marvel and use the recovery mode.
  12. I have it, but it's an image crypted with Bitlocker. In order to play it, we have to find Bitlocker password to extract game files from the container. I could use the recovery mode, but the drive is protected with an ATA user password, so I use Samba or hotswap method to access the drive. I could definitely unlock the drive with WD Marvel or SeDiv for WD softs, but I don't know if the drive would be unusable on the real hardware as it checks the drive.
  13. It's exactly the same game in 1.05. The only difference is that this one uses NxL2Core dll.
  14. You need the "cryptserver" key or use a decrypted game.exe.