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  1. yeah i've done that. i've dug through this thread for hours and tried what feels like everything and can't even come close to all of the songs. although, FNR does not detect any changes to make to the A000 directory. is this normal?
  2. I think I'm only missing A009 and A011, but I don't believe those contain much. I ran the unlocker, and the FNR tool to change everything in this option folder AND in the data folder. Are these A### folders supposed to be in this option folder? Or are they supposed to be alongside the A000 folder in ChunithmParadise\app\data or ChunithmParadise\data? Currently I'm sitting at the following: - 194 Pops&Anime - 161 niconico - 96 Touhou Project - 129 Variety - 60 Midori - 38 Gekimai - 198 Original Sitting at 876, about 70 missing songs. I'm super confused.
  3. For the people that have 900+ songs, can you please share what your Option directory looks like (via screenshot)? Mine looks like this but I only have ~700. I'm thinking some of these are clashing with others and causing conflict. Which ones will I need and which ones can I get rid of? I'm currently running Crystal but will be upgrading to Paradise this weekend.
  4. Honestly, we just need more support for Seaurchin. I can't even find a download link for it anywhere. An Open Source version would be much better.
  5. My Tasoller has been "Processed" for the last week and a half. No idea if it's on the way or not because I don't think there's any "Shipped" status.
  6. Agreed, I still have under 800 even after including every single option file I've found in this thread and running the FNR fix. Not sure why but I'm gonna try a fresh install once I'm ready to upgrade it to Paradise.
  7. Found it in the Amazon thread, thanks! I've done a ton of reading on this, so I'll try to get a full guide out with all the compiled info soon.
  8. Is this patch provided with the Tasoller itself by Gamo2? Or is this another file strictly for Chuni? I tried searching this thread and didn't have much luck.
  9. The link is dead. They uploaded it to some fileshare linked with this domain I'm guessing, and it says it's not available. Hoping someone has it and can upload it to Mega or Drive. Also, I only have 702 songs in 1.40. I believe I only put the A114 folder into \SDBT_1.40.00\option. I did download all of the other Option files. Where should I be saving these? Do these go into the \option folder as A001, A003, etc. having separate directories for each? Or do I have to put them inside of the \option\A114 folder and overwrite them?
  10. Has anyone found a way to translate 1.40+ to English? I saw someone on YT playing with an English version of what looked like Amazon or Crystal (primarily just the menu buttons and such). He was playing with a Tasoller so I know it wasn't a cab.
  11. My HOST_EXT is set to; HOST_INT is set to I'm not sure how to adjust these IPs for the minime (using v13), but I did adjust my segatools.ini "default" flag under the [dns] section to This didn't work either, I still cant' get a card to read. Is there another flag there I might be missing? I'm just running Crystal 1.4 for now. ------------- Nevermind, I realized the issue was BECAUSE I was running the Amie .exe in the chuni bin folder. If you run this, it causes conflict with the start.bat. All I needed to run was the minime start.bat and the chuni start.bat.
  12. Anyone know the order in which to launch the files that are needed? From my understanding, the start.bat in minime was supposed to run everything. I've been having to run it from start.bat in the chuni app/bin folder. The minime start.bat only tells me that it started some services OK and then just sits at the command prompt window. Nothing else happens. I then have to go into chuni's app/bin and run the Aime bat file, then run the start.bat file from that same directory. This will at least take me to the system settings where I was able to make all of the changes I needed (according to the guide.txt). Is there something I may be doing wrong? Also, is there a config that handles keybinds or is this embedded in the source code? Trying to find a way to remap keys without a third-party app. Also looking to change it from windowed to fullscreen, or at least adjust the resolution. ----- Nevermind, found out segatools.ini actually handles all of this conveniently. However, I'm having an issue with the Amie reader. Holding Enter doesn't seem to do anything. I'm not sure if the reader emulation isn't working, if it's a network issue, or that .bat files aren't running properly. Any help would be much appreciated - thanks!