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  1. can anyone share again segatools file and instruction please? the link is dead already
  2. Does anyone have english patch for paradise? Can u share again please?
  3. I also have the same issue when doing strumming on guitar freaks. Seems I always miss as well.
  4. Does anyone have any download link for matixx?
  5. I think it has to do with the spice tools. I have tried with your spice tools and it works. Thank you.
  6. Does anyone have popn15 file that work? I can run from 16-24. Only 15 I have a problem. Anyone can help?
  7. [ARCADE PC] Museca 1+1/2 (Konami)

    is this dump file folder include omni 1.5 or should I unzip omni folder to this dump file folder? it is said I am not supposed to run it on windowed mode. But if I don’t do in windowed mode, instead The games seems lag. I don’t know tbh.
  8. [ARCADE PC] Museca 1+1/2 (Konami)

    can anyone give any proper link for download? i can/t download the dump file
  9. Me too I don’t know what happens there. I cannot pass through the first screen on spicetools as well. How to solve this?
  10. Where did you get the torrent link for v7 from? Can you share?
  11. ok thank you. I tried to download gdv7 but its seems when I am going to extract the file, most files not in 7z format and I cannot extract them. For other series v4,5,6,8 are ok. just v7, it seems weird. Do you know how to extract them?
  12. Can you give me the link to download it? I cannot find any. Thanks.
  13. is there anyway to show character on background?
  14. Yes it works well, I just cannot configure the button on config.bat file. When I play ddr or other games with bemanitools, all of them are easy to bidding buttons stuff. But for this game, I don’t even know how to bidding all buttons. Every time I try to set button for R or G or B, I don’t even know the button I press is set or not. Is there another version of this config.bat file that is easy to set up configuration?
  15. How to configure and bidding the button for controller on config file on drumania v4, I have tried but seems the configuration is so messy.