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  1. ok just wondering how you do the x3/ ddr ii judgment?
  2. Problem i have with stepmaina is it never feels like the real arcade data. Timing always seems different. DDR hasn't had boo or almost in a long time but the themes all seem to leave it on
  3. so how is it different then [Hidden Content]
  4. i can try it if you want to send it
  5. problem i have with sm is the timing and scoring is never the same as ddr that is why i use rips but i am fine waiting
  6. Do you have butterfly running? It says your offline, also looks like your using older version
  7. Ok thanks. i just fiurged i would help in any way i could
  8. Any way to donate to the people who dump the games? To support future games.
  9. i have it working but can some one help me with how to add songs from older games?