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  1. ooh,thx,i'll try that....do you mean in windows,not in the segatools.ini,right
  2. does anyone know how to unhide the players name,mine shows only 5 rectangles,same for the game version,thx
  3. [Arcade PC] FFB Arcade Plugin

    thx mate,ID0 support,you're amazing:)
  4. you can check idplayers discord....
  5. hey mate,i'm using the same copy and the game does work for me,i did try with 1.94 and no problems...win 10 tho
  6. Could you re upload the translated msgdb.lua for WMMT5? original link doesn't work

  7. thx,but it doesn't work for me,still shows openparrot cmd
  8. yeah,but i can't use xbox gamepad with all rh and wacky races:)
  9. just an example of my bat file: cd I:\LaunchBox\Emulators\Teknoparrot186 TeknoParrotUi.exe --profile=WackyRaces.xml i'm looking for a way to minimize or hide the cmd window and tp loading screen tho....
  10. Good day. Can you reupload your wmmt 5 english mod on onedrive? Thank you very much

  11. wmmt5 ta translated plus some other extras,enjoy:) [Hidden Content]
  12. here's the updated version for wmmt5 translation, plus all of the story loading screens now incl the translated course names,enjoy:) [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  13. actually,you can delete the old link,the old translation is included in the new archive.
  14. wmmt5 english translation by tattoohanz and Genjuro,pls test and report for mistakes,enjoy:) [Hidden Content]