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  1. Tekken 7 not work with two updates. I have replaced files. I see warning message. Interesting. When comes working Batman dump, i will buy patreon membership. 5 dollars are gone. Damn :D
  2. Link is working. [Hidden Content] Upps not mega... (:
  3. [PC] Fighting Games Recommendations

    Guilty Gear Strive / Trailer 2
  4. You have sent me arcade links (a few months ago) through the forum. And please you said never share them as a link in the forum. I gave the necessary answer from PM. What's wrong with you ? Are u moron, idiot ? I dont care you and your opinion because you are sick. Dont quote my message more. Of course if you have a brain. @petje
  5. Is there any chance that i can use this hardware on this emulator ?
  6. [PC] Fighting Games Recommendations

    Thank uuuuuu. ^-^ @avensis18
  7. I waiting for only four arcade games dumps. HOTD Scarlett down Classic HOTD gameplay style with more powerful 3D graphics SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy No need to explain :D Street Fighter V Type C USB Arcade Edition (: I have played since the second game. The last game is not very good, but the only game of those who longed for the past. Fighting EX Layer etc. I dont like this game much. Im just gonna play till morning for the insert coin text.
  8. I agree. Most games are still corrupted or have other issues.
  9. Im sure its like you said. Previous games never happened. We have been tricked. Let me pretend to be blind xd These games will fall into the net environment even if it is not today or tomorrow. I can easily say that these photos are not fake.
  10. The hot news of the night is still coming by the spiderman. You need to sleep. lol @spiderzsoft
  11. Thx. I will try as soon as possible.
  12. Super Bomberman R

    Best of bomberman ver. Dyna Blaster / MS-DOS & Amiga New bomberman games so sucks for me.