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  1. Kesin bilgidir. İşin içinde Adnan Oktar'da var diyorlar. Ortalık çalkalanıyor bu haber ile. Millet isyanda nerede bu Reaver, nerede bu oyunlar nerede yeni version diye isyanlarda herkes.
  2. He's talking about a video. I play with the character i want. I apologize to everyone. Except a few idiots.
  3. Arcade Adaptation for PC Games

    Zavallı bir itsin. Go to google translate moron.
  4. U are so idiot + moron. @trouby
  5. Yep another non arcade game Poison Edition. Hell yeah. Hey Reaver ? Milaaaaa..... Gonyooooo.... Hey ciki ciki take the dump, take the arcade dump. Ok Reaver yes Reaver. TP, where ? In the car. Nooooo in the car. Noooo..... Okeeeeeeey. On holiday hehehe...
  6. [PC] Fighting Games Recommendations

    Must be emulation dump of SFV Arcade Editon.
  7. Not working KOFXIII with my main PC. My have main pc Windows 10 version 1809. I cant try few weeks Nesicaxlive games. Sorry. But i playing new 2019 patch/characters with SFV. Great game with new characters. Poison etc. :D @KenetCF
  8. Arcade Adaptation for PC Games

    Good job mate. @danielferr
  9. Foto is awesome. Parrot must alive. :D
  10. This is playable dump ?
  11. TP status returned to Area 51. We cant hear from him. :D
  12. MAME & clones 0.212

    Mame 0.212 out few days ago.
  13. Great. Music is the food of the soul. We're full of music. :D