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  1. [Emu] Sega Model 3: Supermodel r756

    @Spindizzi est demandé à l’accueil ^^
  2. Cemu v1.15.0e - Emulateur Wii U sur PC

    finale. [Hidden Content]
  3. Ppsspp v1.7.4 - Emulateur Psp

    [Hidden Content]
  4. Game Loader All Rh

    Update contents of 317 · SilentHill Moves the fire setting of The Arcade to "Loader setting 1" tab. - Fixed a bug that SilentHill The Arcade 's fireworks could not be used with 316 updates. - SilentHill Fixed a bug that mouse cursor of The Arcade shifted from game screen (window mode only). * Even if you set the window size or set to a resolution other than 640 x 480 when Loader Mode = 6, the mouse cursor and the landing point are no longer displaced. * With this update, added a unique hotkey "Mouse wheel button = Fireworks enable / disable switch" "Space = Enable / disable flash". · Added "Operation GHOST mission select" Last boss game "and" Last boss, escape with helicopter ". * Hot key is "CTRL + F5" is "Last boss game", "CTRL + F6" is "Last boss, escape with helicopter". * This hot key can be used only when the "Loader setting 1" tab "Do not use TeknoParrot" is enabled. * Added unique hotkey "CTRL + F5 = last boss 1" "CTRL + F6 = Last boss 2". - "Mouse right button fire" was added to Let's Go Island and Let's Go Island 3D. * When using, please enable "Loader setting 1" tab "Enable Mouse Right Button Firing". * Mouse right button Starts fire (30 ms) after pressing and holding for 500 ms. * Added unique hotkey "Mouse right button = Firework" "Mouse wheel button = Fireworks enable / disable switch" "Space = Fireworks enable / disable switch" added. · The mouse cursor hide specification specification has been changed. * When you want to hide the mouse cursor at all times, please set "update interval other tab" "update interval of hiding mouse cursor" to "0". * In games such as SilentHill and Otomedius 2007, please be careful not to modify the mouse cursor when this function is effective. * It is necessary to disable it in the game which always displays the mouse cursor. * Some games have also been changed so that Loader does not automatically set, so you will need to reset each game. * It operates regardless of window mode / full screen mode. · We changed the specification of limiting mouse movement (Let's Go Island, Let's Go Island 3D, Operation GHOST, Sega Dream Raiders, Sega Golden Gun). * As a result of specification change, re-setting is required for each game. * Since the mouse movement amount setting mode is prepared, the setting became easier than before. * Please press "CTRL + F" during resetting game. * Limit the amount of movement of the in-game cursor by pressing the left mouse button in order of the left end, top end, right end, bottom end. * When the setting is completed, the movement amount of the mouse is limited. * Please note that when you change the resolution of the game side or the window size, you need to reset it. * It operates regardless of window mode / full screen mode. · Added a special hot key for Super Monkey Ball "mouse back button = start" "mouse forward button = coin". · The operation speed of Operation GHOST was made a little faster. - Fixed a bug that errors occurred when using older version TPs, and will not proceed. · Other bug fixes fixed. · Please make Language.ini the default. · If you do not operate properly, discard this Loader in the trash box and finish.
  5. Game Loader All Rh

    Update contents of 316 · Fixed a problem that Aliens was activated in full screen when window mode was active. - Fixed a bug that the state of Numlock and ScrollLock might not return to original after Aliens was ended. - In order to support Aliens_MouseEnabler.exe, the execution file name "aliens dehasped.exe" is now read. * When Aliens_MouseEnabler.exe is in the game folder, Aliens_MouseEnabler.exe is automatically started. * If both executable files "abhRelease.exe" and "aliens dehasped.exe" exist, "aliens dehasped.exe" is preferentially started. * Move the mouse cursor so that it disappears after the loader start process is completed. * With this update, the automatic fireproof function was added. * When using, please enable "Loader setting 1" tab "Enable fireworks". * This function is effective only when "aliens dehasped.exe" and "Aliens_MouseEnabler.exe" are in the game folder. * You can fight the speed of fire faster than the assault rifle of the initial equipment, so you can fight favorably with only the hand gun. * The delay time to the start of the firing can be set in the range from 0 to 999 ms. * The interval of fire can be set within the range from 20 to 200 ms (Please increase the set value if the fire is interrupted. * You can switch between invalid / valid with "Space key" or "Mouse wheel button long press" when the flash is enabled. * Added unique hotkey "Mouse back button = start" "Mouse forward button = coin" "Mouse wheel button long push = Enable / disable flash firing" "Space = Enable / disable flash". · Pop'n Music 24 is supported. * The executable file name is "launcher.exe". * To change the resolution, please set "Loader setting 2" tab "Change internal resolution" (Old). * When using eaLocalServer, please select "Other 1" tab "eaLocalServer". · Supports bezel image display when full screen mode is set. * Since it is in full-screen mode, the image file that can be used is "transparent PNG" only. * BMP and JPG can not be used. * There are games that are not displayed correctly, but let's give up as it is an incomplete function. * We recommend you to use "4" or "6" as LoaderMode to use, but please like it. · Corrected reading timing when Operation G.H.O.S.T mission select is effective. - Fixed a bug that the Nesica version of Kof98UMFE and Kof2002 might become full screen when setting the window mode in the Intel HD environment. · Other bug fixes fixed. · Please make Language.ini the default. · If you do not operate properly, discard this Loader in the trash box and finish.
  6. Game Loader All Rh

    315 Update contents of 315 · Beatmania IIDX 25 Cannon Ballers was supported. * The executable file name is "launcher.exe". * Because this game is an x64 application, nothing can be done except switching from window mode / full screen mode. * Loader mode can not be selected. * When window mode is set, it corresponds to "P key pause", "right click pause / frame advance" function. * When setting the full screen mode, only "Right Click Pause / Frame Advance" function is supported. * When using maint.exe, please click "Other 1" tab "Select other tools" button and specify "maint.exe". * Do not forget to enable automatic startup and automatic termination. * When changing the resolution, please refer to the following movie. [Hidden Content] - The OpenGL frame limiter has stopped working from Windows 10 RS 4 or later, but updated the DLL to hook. * Please use "Game Loader Installer.exe" when using to update the file. * In accordance with this update, "OpenGL frame limiter" was added to "Loader setting 1" tab. * Since the upper limit value of the frame rate can also be set, please change as necessary if necessary. * The initial value is "60", the lower limit value is "30", and the upper limit value is "99". * Supported OpenGL based games are as follows. Aliens Frenzy Express Exception Initial D series Lindbergh Shining Force Tetris 3 · Added window position to Gundam dual monitor mode. * When using, please press "Left / Right" radio button on "Window Size" tab. * Select "left" if there is a secondary monitor on the left side of the primary monitor, and select "right" if it is the reverse.
  7. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.80) | Arcade PC

    c'est plutot un chkdsk /R (qui inclus /F de toute façon) qu'il faudrait faire, et je serais toi j'analyserai l'intégralité du disque avec l'utilitaire de toshiba tant que possible en mode hors windows (ce qui suppose d'être en bios legacy avec la plupart des tools), si ca le fait à chaque fois il y a quelque chose de pas net. fin du HS ^^
  8. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.80) | Arcade PC

    Daytona c'est ici: y'a deja pas mal d'info.
  9. spiderzsoft merci d'indiquer la véritable source à chaque fois surtout pour des vieux dumps, j'y tiens merci.
  10. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.80) | Arcade PC

    Pour SOR tout est déjà disponible dans le pack de jconfig ici. Les fichiers sont d'ailleurs plus récent. Il faut toujours se rappeler qu'il est indispensable d'aller voir si le jeu est supporter par jconfig et idmacx etc pour être sur qu'il ne manque rien. J'ai maj le post1 avec plus d'infos à ce sujet et une notice en vert.
  11. [Emu] Sega Model 3: Supermodel r756

    Qu'importe de toute façon c'est surement involontaire donc c'est fait tant pis c'est pas la mort, on enchaine
  12. Suite à la suppression de l'ancien sujet (par on ne sait qui mais bien joué ) on reprend les mêmes et on recommence. Il s'agit du premier émulateur de Sega Model 3 créé par Bart Trzynadlowski, Ville Linde et Stefano Teso dans sa version de développement (voir ici) [source]. Builds compilés par Spindizzi: Version standard: [Hidden Content] Version Netcode: [Hidden Content]
  13. Game Loader All Rh

    314 Update contents of 314 Added a function to change the full screen resolution to Initial D 4 and Initial D 5. * When using, please enable the "Loader setting 1" tab "Change full screen resolution". * In this game, although full screen resolution is "1360 x 768 fixed" even if patched game.exe is used, you can change the resolution by enabling this function. * Please enter the same resolution as patched game.exe in the numerical value input field. * When this function is enabled, it becomes "arbitrary resolution + refresh rate 60 hz". * When Loader finishes, it returns to the original desktop resolution and refresh rate. * When using this function do not forget to enable "window size" tab "full screen mode". * Be sure to disable the window mode of TPUI. - Added a function to activate to the TP version of Sega Rally 3 ni by the conventional batch method. * When using, please activate "Loader setting 1" tab "Launch with conventional batch method (error avoidance)". * In fact it was not able to avoid the error ... - Fixed a bug that had become English in the test mode when Super Monkey Ball Ticket Blitz language was set to Chinese. · Fixed bug that Aliens was maximized at 16: 9 when setting window size 0. · Please make Language.ini the default. · Other bug fixes fixed. · If you do not operate properly, discard this Loader in the trash box and finish.
  14. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.80) | Arcade PC

    Super Monkey HD
  15. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.80) | Arcade PC

    ID5 work,it's up to you to find out how to search the forum. it has already been said.