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  1. it's simple, it's version 1.3 of id0 on the Nu v2 aka Nu2
  2. Game Loader All Rh

    snocross hd
  3. spicetools 17nov: - Screenshots (PrtScr Key) - DLL Architecture detection - SCard Felica support - Improve MIDI performance - Fix bt5api error handling - Fix XP support
  4. I explain that here we are here to help each other, that this is not the topic for that. It is a pure lack of respect to insist. If you have a problem with TP go to their forum. edit: if you want to reestablish your truth, go here and create a subject, but not elsewhere, is that clear or do I have to fuck myself again?
  5. Un trouduc en moins, si quelqu'un veut continuer dans ce genre de drama....
  6. @claymanred01 (or banned clayone01, who cares ^^) for the 50th time, please. Here it is not TP vs Jconfig. It's just between help and that's it. I took you to keep this kind of debate for you. This is the only warning I will make, thank you for understanding the process.
  7. For - Dirty drivin thread here - SW BP here use the corresponding threads thx
  8. (x) by pooter - Ajout de Xpadder 2019 en page 1 pour ceux qui veulent.
  9. New spice tools: 05/11 - Gitadora XG3 support - Guitar motor support - Gitadora cabinet setting - DDR HD->SD light support - ESP8266/NodeMCU API support - Misc bug fixes
  10. Game Loader All Rh

    340 updates -Added a cheat to Transformers. * Please enable "Cheat" on "Loader Setting 1" tab when using. ・ Supported Tekken 7 Fated Retribution. * The executable file name is “TekkenGame-Win64-Shipping.exe”. * Please refer to “Loader Settings 1” tab for various settings. * When using JConfig, be sure to disable “Direct3D11 Wrapper”. ・ Fixed other problems. ・ Language.ini should be the default. ・ Please run Game Loader Installer.exe first. ・ If it doesn't work properly, throw this Loader into the trash and exit.
  11. FOR TEKKEN 7: USE this thread = > FOR TUTO =>
  12. J'adore quand même le special thanks a 1CC, alors que la release vient d'emuline mais bon, on avisera le prochain coup
  13. when jconfig will be available, we will post it. NO NEED TO ASK thanks
  14. [Emu] Sega Model 3: Supermodel r782

    Supermodel_x64_0.3a-WIP_SVN781.zip Supermodel_x86_0.3a-WIP_SVN781.zip
  15. Released first : Emuline (not 1CC) by Mr X. Il a mis du temps à venir mais mieux vaut tard que jamais (et tout le monde n'as pas une connexion incroyable pour l'upload)... Voici Tekken 7 FT sur Namco System ES3. Dump jouable avec TP ou Jconfig Patch anglais ICI. Il existe aussi FT Round2 et Round3, pas la peine de demander ca viendra quand ca viendra c'est tout. Utiliser Megadownloader 1.7 pour décoder le lien (tout poste pour demander comment faire sera supprimé, on va pas répéter tout le temps la même chose). ---- It has been slow to come but better late than never (and not everyone has an incredible connection for upload)... Here is Tekken 7 FT on Namco ES3 System. Working dump with TP ou Jconfig English Patch ICI. There is also FT Round2 and Round3, no need to ask it will come when it will come that's all. Use Megadownloader 1.7 to decode the link (any post to ask how to do will be deleted, we will not repeat the same thing all the time). ----