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  1. added SDEZ C001 ~ C061 (SplashPlus OPT) to 1
  2. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    it's not a switch emulator thread.
  3. thank you for notifying me when you make this kind of message (we mirror and it helps us) thank you.
  4. added KFC-2021083100 on post 1 and mirror (if someone can tell me if it belongs to which version of sound voltex, V, 6? thank you)
  5. Sega Rally HD Textures pack

    [Arcade] Sega Rally HD Textures pack (2021/09/10) si dans le futur tu MAJ de ton pack, tu peux commenter la news pour qu'elle soit updater. thx
  6. [Emu] Spine PS4 Emulator

    Créé par Spindev, Spine est un émulateur Playstation 4 généralement considéré comme faisant l’objet d’un développement privé et uniquement disponible pour LINUX. A lire sur emu-france. Site officiel.
  7. Le prochain post sur hyperspin c'est un ban direct, on a dit qu'il y avait un topic pour ca ici: The next post on hyperspin is a direct ban, we said there was a topic for that here: putain de bordel.
  8. DJMAX TECHNIKA 3 debug EXE Client_D.exe.7z
  9. or it's 1.6 (not revision 2 aka #2), we will see... we cannot say that all this is very explicit.
  10. added mirror to SDEZ B21 TO B51 on post 1 (mirror)
  11. mirrored a026, a027 mirrored update Superstar update a001-a002-a004-a005 post 1
  12. mirrored a021-a032-a061 for sdga (maimai splash) added Splash Plus music backport for Splash post 1
  13. please use this thread for hyperspin and this for icons.
  14. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    @maabusdone. post your link and I will reblock afterwards (I will mirror quickly), I will unblock tomorrow morning. (invisible problem).