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  1. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.53 HF) | Arcade PC

    Nokey > if you offer links, please do not delete them afterwards otherwise it is useless. thank you.
  2. ducon, est ce que ca remplace les 2 patchs qui sont dans le post 1 NB3 ou pas? Ensuite j'aimerai que tu m'envoies systématiquement un pm pour me dire quand un patch RTU est pret qu'on update le post en correspondance, ca m'évitera de suivre 150conv pour rien merci bien !!
  3. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.53 HF) | Arcade PC

    LGI3D remove 3d icon. Simply hide the "3D OFF" icon.
  4. [Arcade PC] Sega Ford Racing

    [Hidden Content] check
  5. Game Loader All Rh

    305 - It corresponds to Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R. * The execution file name is "GGXXACP_RE2.exe". * Recommended is "Loader Mode = 6". * Disable the window mode on TeknoParrot side. - It corresponds to Let's Go Island 3D. * The executable file name is "LGI.exe". * Recommended is "Loader Mode = 6". * When FXAA is enabled, the test mode will be black screen during game startup, but there is no problem during game. * Please enter arbitrary numerical value in the edit box on the "Loader setting 1" tab to change the resolution * To enable cheat mode, please enable "cheat mode" tab "Loader setting 1" tab * When restricting the movement amount of the mouse cursor, please enable the "Loader setting 1" tab "Restrict mouse movement amount" * For full HD monitor, the set value is "L180, U130, R450, D350". * Loader Hides the mouse cursor after the activation process is completed. post 1
  6. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.53 HF) | Arcade PC

    HF 1.53 public [Hidden Content] --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.53 Hotfix Release: - Fixed problems with GGXX, LGI3D and SFCR105. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.53 Release: - All 1.52x Patreon changes. - AMDFix flag for Initial D4. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.52e Patreon Release: - Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code and 1.07 now function properly. - Let's Go Island 3D now saves test menu settings properly. - Sega Sonic All-Stars Racing Arcade now saves test menu settings properly. - Unresponsive Sega Racing Classic XInput controls fixed. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.52d Patreon Release: - Outrun 2 and After Burner Climax are now working again, sorry about that! - Ford Racing Brake now functions properly. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.52c Patreon Release: - Virtua Tennis 4 is now playable with 4 players. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.52b Patreon Release: - Support Let's Go Island 3D. - Support Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R - Support Shining Force Cross Raid 1.05 - Test Mode can no longer be enabled from UI for games that have no separate test mode (Use test switch in game!) --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.52a Patreon Release: - Lindbergh: * Initial D4 Export is now playable including card emulation, there are some sound emulation issues and also no link play yet. - Mario Kart DX should now work again.
  7. Game Loader All Rh

    304 Update contents of 304 · Game Loader Config.exe "Admin privilege unnecessary mode" function was added to "Other 3" tab. * It will be the function mainly for those who are incorporated into the launcher. * Since some functions on the Game Loader side do not work properly, we do not recommend enabling them. * If you do not operate properly, give it up. * This function is subject to "Game Loader All RH.exe" only. · The D3D9 converter New (d3d8to9) has been changed to the file modified by ducon2016. Thanks ducon 2016 * Please run Game Loader Installer.exe at the beginning to update the file to the latest version. * This update fixes the graphical glitch of The Fast and The Furious. Great! . * All D3D 8 series games supported by Game Loader now work in D3D9 mode. * The LoaderMode can be used even in The Fast and The Furious. · Added "Start from this folder" to The Fast and The Furious. * When using, please activate "Loader setting 3" tab "Activate from this folder". * When it is disabled, "sdaemon.exe" is started from "c: \ rawart", but if it is enabled, it will start from the current folder. * This function may be useful when the game crashes at Loader startup. · Added "Aspect ratio of Loader Mode = 4" to The Fast and The Furious. * When using, please change the value of "Loader setting 3" tab "Loader Mode = 4 aspect ratio". (The initial value is 1.77777777 16: 9) * Please change the numerical value when you can not get the aspect ratio correctly. · Argument list was added to The Fast and The Furious Drift. * When using, please press the "Loader setting 3" tab "Display argument list" button. · Add hotkeys to Haunted Museum 2 and Fright Fear Land. * Added gun action to mouse wheel button. (It will toggle operation) - Fixed a bug that game screen did not rotate when Bounty Hunter was started with Loader Mode = g. - Fixed mistake in setting LoaderMode = y. · Add some items to exe list.txt. · Please make Language.ini the default. · Other, fixed defect fixes. · If you do not operate properly, discard this Loader in the trash box and finish. post 1
  8. Merci, ajouté au post 1. juste je t'encourage aussi a mettre l'explication dans l'archive dans un txt (ce que j'ai fais dans le post 1 du coup)
  9. ducon si je peu me permettre, supprime les anciens fichiers s'ils sont old et nomme correctement tes archives restantes, qu'on sache de quoi il en retourne sans lire le post genre d3d8_chaoslegion.7z est clair mais d3d8-v2.7z ne l'est pas. Quand tu prends une conversation en cours ca devient très vite totalement incompréhensible sans y perdre 1h à essayer de tout lire donc comme d'hab merci d'avance pour tes patchs (que tu devrais ajouter sur ta page dédié même si c'est pas du noobpatcher). Sinon ces patchs ont ils un rapport avec [Hidden Content] par hasard ?
  10. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.53 HF) | Arcade PC

    ID8 UHD No question.
  11. - Use latest spicetools(available in dicscord) => voir thread RH post 1 - Incompatibilities with some sound cards - No knowm hex edits yet 1. Don't run this in windowed mode, just don't. Windowed mode seems to case issues with the game locking up at random then starting and locking up again a few seconds later. This doesn't happen in fullscreen mode so just... don't run it in windowed mode. Please flip your monitor and run the game in 720x1280 2. Hardware compatibility seems to vary GREATLY. I had no trouble running museca on my home machine with a core i3 3220, 5 gig of ram and windows 10 64 bit on a GT 630 GPU but on my laptop with an i7 6700HQ, 16 gig of ram, windows 10 64 bit and a GTX 950M the game had significantly more issues when it came to getting it running as well as considerably longer startup times. What kind of hardware you have seems to impact the experience you will have quite significantly. 3. Legitimate Museca cabs use an SSD for data storage so it is recommended you run this sata off an SSD for ideal results. A RAID 0 setup also works. 4. Sound card compatibility is very mixed. As of right now the only card that I can confirm works due to user feedback is the Realtek ALC887. If the game works fine on your sound card please let me know and I'll put together a compatibility list. 5. As of right now you NEED to launch the game using the -ea command switch with spicetools. To speed things up create a batch file and type in spice64 -ea and use that to launch the game. 6. From my experience I would recommend running the game off of an Nvidia or AMD GPU if you have one as opposed to Intel HD Graphics. Museca seems to really throw a fit with Intel HD for whatever reason. 7. If you are having issues with stuttering or the sound glitching up when you press a key input, try DELETING the backup data files (so all the files in the nvram directory except coin.xml and eacoin.xml and all the files in the raw directory except J.bin) and then try starting the game again. It should ask you to initialise the backup data. For some bizzare reason on some setups museca will experience stuttering glitches whenever an input is pressed when you try to play the game EXCEPT when you have booted the game and initialised the backup data during the startup process. I don't know why but that step of initialising the backup data seems to allow the game to work correctly so try that if you are having issues. mega://enc2?zBawt1v7qihu26f0p3IGfzoUgQ5DEtpLbTCgLHb92FqT89vD4oE7umYzXqMVNxZMsx6L1-GdVSQKIAlkbEP9ow source:[Hidden Content] Old release thread: [Hidden Content]
  12. Game Loader All Rh

    rh303 Update contents of 303 - It corresponds to Gaia Attack 4. Thanks 1CC * Since Game Loader uses native mode to avoid mouse delay, please do not copy "JConfigGA4.exe" and "JVSEmuGA4.dll". * Please use "game.exe" to be used by using the original in the game archive and copy the attached "MINIGUN.INI". * When the frame rate is not stable in the window mode, please change "MINIGUN.INI" to "FULLSCREEN 0". (There is a possibility of improvement) * If MOVIE READ_ERROR occurs, please set the compatibility of game.exe to "Windows XP (Service Pack 3)". (In this case, please select "anisotropic filtering Old") * Since it corresponds to the automatic fire-fighting function of the mouse, please set it from "Loader setting 1" tab. * For the list of hot keys on the Game Loader side, please press the "Other 3" tab "Hot key" button. * Please make Language.ini the default. - It corresponds to The Fast and The Furious Drift. * Use LoaderMode = -1. * When starting up the game, fix the frame rate to 60 FPS with the frame limiter. * Window size setting When "0" is selected, maximize with the 4: 3 ratio. * Since it forces Aniso x16, it becomes heavy on low specification PC. * Since this game seems to crash when converting to D3D9 mode, it will operate in D3D8 mode. * Due to the above reasons, D3DWrapper included with Loader can hardly be used. Please be aware that if you set the command line option "-fsaa 2, 4, 8" when setting * LoaderMode = 4 it will turn black screen. * To change the internal resolution, use "1 - The Fast and The Furious Drift FullHD, UHD", or use the following command line option (- resxx). * If you use the command line option, please go from "Loader setting 3" tab. * Command line option below. -diff -name -6 speed -japan -mid -net -verboseboot -perftest -movie -dumbracers -fp -autonet -netchannel -forcelod -cruisin -reverse -manual -nomusic -nohud -nodiffadj -fullauto -notraffic -noracers -procession -pimp -parts -unlock -noplayerautopilot -autopilot -nocountdown -driveall -nosplash -lpt -play -nocarfx -bike -car -vehicle -dbg -cam -pos -par -trans -tran -track -map -msglevel -mitsu -fsaa8 -fsaa4 -fsaa2 -30hz -quit -noerr -ss -joy -log -nodi -res16 -res 13 -res 12 -res 10 -res8 -res 6 -res 5 -res 3 -res1 -rgb -imm -fs -fullscreen - It corresponds to Initial D 8. * The executable file name is "InitialD8_GLW_RE_SBZZ_redumped_.exe". * Window mode and full screen mode are switched on Game Loader side, so please disable TeknoParrot side window mode. * This game seems to be able to change the resolution without applying the patch. * Please change the resolution from the "Loader setting 1" tab "Initial D". - Added a function to enable / disable the unique hot key in some games. * When using, please switch "Other 3" tab "Activate unique hotkeys in some games". * Since the initial value is valid, please disable it if unnecessary. * The corresponding game is a game in which the "hot key" button is displayed on the "Loader setting 1" tab. * Aliens Extermination, Bishi Bashi, Chinese Contra, Cyber Diver, Half Life 2, Fright Fear Land, Gaia Attack 4, Gundam, Haunted Museum, Haunted Museum 2, Operation Ghost. * Please use "Other 3" tab "Hot key" button when using. * A list of hotkeys is displayed. * If you do not operate properly, give it up. · Add right-click pause function to Ring version Chaos Code (unstable). · Even when "Enable Hot Key" is disabled, it changed to operate Pad.ini hot key mode. · In a game using a mouse when "Enable hot key" is in effect, change to disable mouse side hot key. · Changed to display the playing time of the game at the end of Loader when the log function is enabled. · Batch processing of CryptServer and NesysService has been partially changed. · Game Loader Config.exe "Other 3" tab Fixed a bug related to "Update various files as latest version". · Loader startup processing Fixed a bug that Loader did not terminate normally when timeout occurred 2 minutes later. · Minor bug fixes when running Game Loader Installer.exe. - Minor bug fixes at iccaemu and e-amuemu startup. · Minor bug fixes when Pad.ini hot key mode is enabled. · Partially changed default value of TTX.ini. · Add some items to exe list.txt. · Please make Language.ini the default. · Other, fixed defect fixes. · If you do not operate properly, discard this Loader in the trash box and finish. post 1