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  1. Game Loader All Rh

    so, use mega (post 1) !
  2. Nox Player

    entre nox et memu, je ne sais décidément pas quel est le meilleur !
  3. Ares (Higan/bsnes/byuu)

    essaye plutôt ares, la dernière version qui fusionne higan/bsnes/byuu (et je maj le 1 post totalement, ca devient le sujet de Ares).
  4. Game Loader All Rh

    379 updates -Supported Nicktoons Nitro Racing. * The executable file name is "sdaemon.exe". * When using arguments, please use the "Loader Setting 3" tab. -Modification of Lindbergh system of Tekno Parrot. -Abolished support for the old Tekno Parrot. -Abolished the loading of HOTD4_MouseFix.exe in House of the dead 4. -Fixed other bugs that I noticed. -Set Language.ini as the default. -Run Game Loader Installer.exe first. -If it does not work properly, throw this Loader in the trash and exit.
  5. Game Loader All Rh

    378 updates -Supported RConfig. Thanks to FlyBit * First, run Game Loader Installer.exe. * When using, enable "Use RConfig" on the "Loader Setting 1" tab. * When "Game Loader Config.exe" is executed in the game folder, "Game Loader RConfig.exe" will be output, so please set the key. * To resize the UI of Game Loader RConfig.exe, click the "RConfig UI size" button on the "Loader setting 1" tab. * Please disable "Direct3D9 Wrapper" in RConfig.exe. * Due to the compatibility with the D3D wrapper on the Game Loader side, the game startup time may become longer when "Ring Unlocker" is enabled. * If "Ring Unlocker" does not work properly due to compatibility with the D3D wrapper on the Game Loader side, disable it. * For the test mode of Sega Racing Classic, enable "Test mode" on the "Loader setting 1" tab. * Please use the correct file for the game executable file. * Delete all unnecessary files in the game folder. * With this update, "Use JConfig" has been changed to "Use RConfig". List of supported games Arcade Love Pengo Arcade Love Pengo Ver.B v1.1 Blade Arcus from shining v2.10 Blade Stranger v1.3.2 Caladrius AC v1.0 Chaos Code Dead Or Alive 5 Dead Or Alive 5 Update1 v2.00 LR1.01 Dead Or Alive 5 Update2 v2.02 LR1.05 Dead Or Alive 5 Update3 v2.06 LR1.09 Fighting Climax v1.01 Fighting Climax v1.30 Fighting Climax Ignition v2.32 Guilty Gear Xrd Sign Rev2 v2.00 Guilty Gear Xrd Sign Rev2 v2.01 Guilty Gear Xrd Sign Rev2 v2.10 Guilty Gear Xrd Sign v1.10 Guilty Gear Xrd Sign v1.11 Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R v1.01 Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R v1.11 K.O Drive Koihime Enbu RaiRai v2.13 Let's Go Island Let's Go Island 3D Melty Blood Melty Blood v1.07 Melty Blood v1.07b Phantom Breaker v1.10 Sega Dream Raiders Sega Golden Gun Sega Racing Classic Sonic Sega All Stars Racing Transformers Human Alliance Under Defeat HD + v1.1 Under Night In-Birth Exe-Late v1.06 Under Night In-Birth Exe-Late v2.3 (2.03) Under Night In-Birth Exe-Late [st] v3.30 Virtua Tennis 4 List of unsupported games Initial D Arcade Stage 6 AA v1.2 + L Initial D Arcade Stage 7 AAX v1.0 + C Initial D Arcade Stage 8 Infinity v1.2 + D Operation GHOST Supplement * Chaos Code and Melty Blood Actress Again v1.07 * After pressing the Settings button of RConfig.exe, set Resolution to "640x480". * Sega Racing Classic * After pressing the "Settings" button in RConfig.exe, set Resolution to "640x480" and enable Test Mode. * Virtua Tennis 4 * After pressing the "Settings" button of RConfig.exe, set Resolution to "1920x1080". * Please keep "1280x720" except for the above games. -Supported Sega Racing Classic resolution patch and Nvidia texture modification even when RConfig is selected. -Melty Blood v1.07 resolution patch is now supported for RConfig. -Fixed the window processing of Guilty Gear Xrd. -If the Nesica version of KOF98 and KOF2002 has a black screen, enable "DirectSound Wrapper" in "JConfig.exe". -When "ttx_monitor" is selected in the Type X version of KOF98, you can avoid the black screen by copying "dsound.dll" in the installation destination of Game Loader to the game folder. -Set Language.ini as the default. -Run Game Loader Installer.exe first. -If it does not work properly, throw this Loader in the trash and exit.
  6. added "Older rev with dev exe" by layer on post #1.
  7. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Initial D Arcade Stage series AMD fix installer by Nezarn [Hidden Content] (download the fix itself from the releases page), older fixes are obsolete (this version also includes proper ID4 fixes)
  8. Golden Eye 007 Proto X360

    Goldeneye 007 leak (tested and full playable with real x360, and with xenia) [Hidden Content] or [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  9. [Arcade PC] Blazing Angels (Global VR) Changes by: Boomslangnz - Blazing Angels: Fix Inputs final time pretty plz Changes by: Boomslangnz -Blazing Angels: Fix inputs? WIP, wait.
  10. [Visuel] Arcade Games Icons / Art

    liens morts trymado (pour les 2 liens de ta signatures)?
  11. working on real cabinet or... ...Working with this dll: libusb0.dll (just add in root folder, beside sdaemon.exe) and Teknoparrot. More infos: [Hidden Content] thanks to 1cc members.
  12. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    no public dump for starwing paradox / Wonderland Wars / Shining Force Cross Exlesia (we thought it would be available sooner which explains its presence in post 1) / Cars & Blazing Angels / Storm Racer Gravity ..etc. no need to ask, when it will be available we will know and it will be distributed. thank you (in the meantime you have to be patient). please do NOT reply to this message
  13. Paprium (Project Y) OUT !!

    1st dump added (not fully but wip)