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  1. Ajout de builds non officiels permettant la désactivation du mode trial pour les jeux xbla (post #1).
  2. 1CC (8chan) down

    Ce thread permettra de référencer les "down" de 1cc. [Hidden Content] Explication: Plus d'infos: [Hidden Content] En attendant un nouvel hébergeur voici un miroir: [Hidden Content]
  3. new spicetool here 07/19/2019 - FutureTomTom support Reflec Beat lights Dance Evolution lights Nostalgia lights SuperExit on ALT-F4 07/16/2019 - Hook DLLs load earlier Heap size argument alias API restart function SmartEA cmd line option Reader keypad support Initial MFC support Misc bug fixes 06/22/2019 - Touchpad button binding fix MIDI buttons/analogs support Misc bug fixes 05/18/2019 - API WebSocket support 05/16/2019 - Device Hotplugging USB-Stick card inserts Cursor capture fix EA server fix for old AVS 05/07/2019 - Reflec 1 support Gitadora custom PCBID Touchscreen improvements Touchscreen support on XP Higher RB input polling rate L/R-Shift/Control support 04/13/2019 - DDR SD Mode lights Sextet (LIT Board) support PIUIO hardware support Windowed mode improvements 03/14/2019 - IIDX API module EA server maintenance toggle SDVX BI2A support 02/19/2019 - Network API server Run outside of modules dir Misc bug fixes 01/27/2019 - Jubeat Knit support Quiz Magic Academy support Museca/Jubeat lights Smartcard NumLock toggle
  4. amd fix for justice league here. (no reply on this thread).
  5. Game Loader All Rh

    doa u1hd
  6. thank you not to delete these mega links. We add them to post 1. Thank you.
  7. Je vais être très clair: AUCUN Merci autre que le bouton fait pour, pas de "les liens marchent pas" sinno ban direct. Ras le fion de répéter les mêmes choses.
  8. Cemu v1.15.12b - Emulateur Wii U sur PC

    1.15.9c released:
  9. Posted by @jaydee1977 Thanks to him. Hi all, I found these links on another forum. Maybe they are usefull to someone Arcade Games - Taito Type X [Hidden Content] Arcade Games - Taito Type X+ [Hidden Content] Arcade Games - Taito Type X2 [Hidden Content] Arcade Games - Taito Type X2 [Hidden Content] Arcade Games - Taito Type X3 [Hidden Content] Arcade Games - Taito NESiCAxLive System [Hidden Content] Arcade Games - EXAMU eX-BOARD [Hidden Content] Arcade Games - SEGA Ringwide [Hidden Content] Arcade Games - SEGA Lindbergh YELLOW [Hidden Content] (password: Adei) Arcade Games - SEGA Europa-R [Hidden Content] Arcade Games - KONAMI BEMANI PC HARDWARE (Type3 Variant1) [Hidden Content] Arcade Games - NAMCO SYSTEM 357 - SYSTEM 359 [Hidden Content] Arcade Games - Various Systems [Hidden Content] Real Arcade 4 PC [UNEMULATED] [Hidden Content] Real Arcade [Hidden Content]
  10. FnF patch for JConfig in updated pack.
  11. Game Loader All Rh

    News patchs HD: + [Hidden Content] + [Hidden Content] + [Hidden Content]
  12. any dump available for let go safari?
  13. Thanks, @Athlonazu385 on the site of TP, we see that there are 4 FnF (+ Superbikes 2), we have 4 (on emuline thread: superbikes1, superbikes2, TokyoDrift and SuperCars), but who is the first of the list, you know?
  14. Nokey, do not remove this link because added to post 1 (same for others dumps). thx