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  1. HI I was just working around with tekken data and it seems there is an option to play vs play local on same pc. Working on the same but need help from others as well or someone who is more genius than me can do this I believe.
  2. You should be using a processor which has four physical cores
  3. We do not need mods we need offline vs mode
  4. Its response time is much faster then pc version
  5. All we need versus play and I do not give damn about graphics as when play against opponent you hardly observe any kind of graphics......
  6. Try something like multiseat aster from where two pcs can be made from one..
  7. I was thinking if softwares like Aster multiseat can be used to play lan vs from same pc......If somebody can shed some light on this....
  8. Yeah i have been trying to figure this out with no luck...
  9. Test menu is.in japaneese ho do you.activate event mode
  10. no I hope somebody emulates a way out for second player connectivity on same pc.. this may have but you will need to have two pcs to play vs....this is the same with tekken 7 arcade version as well.
  11. Does it have two player local or only only local vs play
  12. thanks man I had already figured this out....
  13. This forum is to find out what you do not know.. there is no option in service menu and also it does not seem that you did this all yourself and you even took help from others. You are not the one who developed tekknoparrot and jconfig but you are still using their tools. If you are that much self pride why do not you go ahead and develop tools like tekkenoparot and jconfig for yourself...
  14. where to use 192.168.136.xxx range. can you help?