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  1. if you get the game to not oplay the movie cutscenes download a codec pack shark007 it resets codecs and plays the movies again in the game and intro
  2. i did have problems making it work again been mucking around with the codecs i downloaded a codec pack that resets codecs to orignal settings tryed it and movies work again .in windows 10 just download shark007 codecs
  3. this game is amazing battle pods star wars
  4. ok well got mine going takes me few hours figuring it out
  5. just install all the codecs you can find trial and error here
  6. and what causes it
  7. any one know about the invisable enemys
  8. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    thisa how you get sega rally 3 on teknoparrot on windows 10 . you maybe having problems with out of memory for tex message but this will solve it in the video
  9. use game loader and thismonkerz patch and rename FarCryACR TO Farcry_r