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  1. Hello! Today just like Tank Tank Tank I present to you Dead Heat arcade, dumped and playable with a PS4 controller! [Hidden Content] Just like with Tank Tank Tank, you may need an nvidia card to run the game/properly display graphics.
  2. Hello! Today I present to you a virtual image containing a lot of Pump it Up games, already configured to run! download here: [Hidden Content] + [Hidden Content]
  3. Hello again! Today I present to you Dance Evolution with english translation and crack, a kinect is required!! Download here: [Hidden Content] Also make sure to read the PDF, very difficult set up but it does work!
  4. Tank tank tank dumped! Download and instructions here (don't forget to post!): [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Update 1314: [Hidden Content] edit: Teknoparrot run this games.
  5. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    1) It's not "supposedly" the truth it is the truth, plain forum posts for you to read, 2) I was replying to someone replying to me and my post got deleted but not the inflamatory post. Obviously there's no rule breaking going on here and it's just bias. 3) You seem to not understand that we do not care if it's positive for Reaver, we just said it wasn't a competition. The only thing that's a positive for reaver is continuing to grow the community that he's exploiting. 4) It's childish to want to leave because the people making this possible don't like being denigrated is it? Do you feel entitled to the things people do on their own free time for fun? You're making an extremely poor case if your goal is to convince us to stick around.
  6. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    I don't see how my point of view is biased. My comrade posted some threads showing reaver aka jackalaus was a bootlegger, it got deleted. I did the same and it got deleted. Then further posts of ours got deleted. You're absolutely correct the Emuline administrators are free to do what they wish, but at the same time me and my comrades are also free to leave the community and I do not think you understand what that would entail for the arcade PC scene - once /1cc/ is gone you genuinely will only have Reaver to depend on for things. We don't care if that's "leaving the field to him", this isn't a competition and it never was. It's a matter of basic truth being hidden for no reason and that's where we draw the line. It's an extremely bad precedent for any community and it was our hope that it would be corrected.
  7. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Yeah all those childish operators spending thousands of dollars to buy up games to release for free should just grow up right? Is that why Reaver threw a fit when someone destroyed his Time Crisis 5 bootlegging operation by giving it out for free to all the operators he was selling it to for 1000 euros under the name Jewking? Because he's such a grown man? You're not in the scene, you can only comment on what you see as the end user and what you see is so little. It's telling you think it's an ego problem, yes the people who release things anonymously with no name must have such an ego problem compared to the almighty Reaver. Get off it pal, the ultimatum is simple - people need to be aware of what kind of a person this is through his post history and if they're not willing to do that simple favor to their end users (because it really is no problem for us if you continue to give money to known bootlegger) then why should we continue sticking our necks out for ungrateful people, what's to stop us from charging money too? You bite the hand that feeds you and then you say we have the problem, incredible. Such a simple request for YOUR own sake (because we already know what kind of a person he is) and you demonize us. "If you dump/crack/develop only to get profit, to make you or your community famous or to flatter your ego, you just don't do it for the good reasons and are just not better than anyone you complain about." Name one time anything on /1cc/ was ever for profit, fame or ego.
  8. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    We have much more than that - we planned out our releases for 2018 so that they would be constant. You make a grievous mistake WildWolf, because you are ignorant of the Arcade PC scene. /1cc/ is many many operators, crackers and programmers making sure games get dumped and work on average computers, Reaver is but one man. Do you honestly believe Reaver can match the output that we have or can ever hope to match the ouput that we have? Are 12 Sega games (11 of which were stolen from our good friend Soyandroid, ID7 having been donated by a user) really worth more water than 60+ Taito, Raw Thrills and Konami games? But this isn't about that, this is about an utter bias towards Teknoparrot and against the majority of the people that even make this scene possible. You say /1cc/ isn't the center of the universe because you fail to realize Reaver is utterly alone in this endeavor, there's no "working together" when it comes to him, he's only coasting on games he's scammed off of people and there will be no more once he's done. Absolutely everyone in the scene already knows who he is and refuse to work with him, his two programmers are not from the arcade scene nor do they have any connections. Much of the people who contribute to /1cc/ are, and they will continue to dump, crack and make playable these games the only difference is it will all be private because we honestly feel slighted by the fact that we can't get our message out. I will make myself clear WildWolf, this isn't a crazy demand we're asking of you. I understand my comrade may have been abrasive but he has good reason to have been. It's as simple as adding "there is questions behind how the author of this software conducts himself, and his known to bootleg and sell things for profits, read these threads for your own opinion" To the first post, with the neo-arcadia links, so that people understand who they're donating to and what kind of a person Reaver is. We'll be satisfied with that and continue releasing games like normal. Otherwise we feel no reason to continue contributing to a community that's complacent to help Reaver spit on the hard work of many people who spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and hundreds of manhours releasing games for free.
  9. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Don't forget who posted it for you.
  10. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    New year's reminder that you shouldn't financially support scammers and bootleggers Original Sale Post: [Hidden Content] Jackalaus aka Reaver bragging about it playing the games etc. then later admits in the thread its for sale 800 euros: [Hidden Content] He then gets his freind to sell it for him : [Hidden Content] Shoutouts to Jewking
  11. Bruce, it doesn't work because that's not all you have to do. This person posted the picture from my chatroom outside of context.
  12. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Better - we'll just patch the dongle check and have it work right away since it already has HID controls built in
  13. MAME & clones 0.229

    Pour ceux d'entre vous ayant du mal à exécuter Football Power à toute vitesse, activez les tricheurs dans MAME, puis accédez aux réglages du "Slider Controls" et utilisez ces valeurs
  14. It means that game uses the original ttx loader just like a TTX2 dump, not jconfig
  15. New Jconfig release, every single game works flawlessly now. Please test and check if it runs [Hidden Content]
  16. You need to have nesysservice.exe running, the NESYS.bat here should take care of it for you [Hidden Content] Also I do request to not distribute the earlier idmac.7z archives anymore they're depreciated, please stick to the latest idmacx.zip to minimize problems, thank you!
  17. Hey guys! I just wanted to let you know that I've streamlined everything in one archive here so it should be very straight forward from now on, please read the readme though! INCLUDES: Updated key config (JConfig.exe), NESICA keys (GAME KEYS.zip) and a batch file to make launching easier! [Hidden Content] And because I love you all and your continued support, here's Magical Beat before I post it on /1cc/ [Hidden Content] (will require the use of 302303.key, simply extract it in the same directory as the game. crypytserv.exe is no longer needed because the key is automatically detected now) EDIT: updated the key config archive link to include better documentation
  18. Config still buggy, look forward to a fixed release soon
  19. [Hidden Content] ttx_config modified to support NESICA games, huge thanks to al_bundy and romhack
  20. A ton of NESICA games have been dumped thanks to a certain bootlegger being wreckless with his multicart, check it out here [Hidden Content]
  21. Kof Xiii

    Posted here: [Hidden Content]
  22. It seems some people are having trouble getting past the IO check part
  23. Yo se el tipo que programo ese frontend, se puede usar para cualqer progama
  24. vous pouvez télécharger Ubuntu ici [Hidden Content]
  25. Unfortunately not playable on Windows, perhaps in the future when Windows 10 increases compatibility with Ubuntu programs Any version of Ubuntu or it's derivatives work fine for launching this! Also the download to the game is here [Hidden Content]