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  1. [Arcade PC] Bishi Bashi Channel (Konami)

    The game uses wasapi (direct audio). To record it you'll need to use an external capture card
  2. The latest in the Bishi Bashi series from Konami Usage: This release will require the latest 64-bit SpiceTools (02/04/2020 at the time of writing) in order to play, simply drag and drop both spice64.exe and spice.cfg into the contents folder (NOT MODULES!), add your desired parameters such as -ea to remove a network error if not connected to a network, and enjoy the game! To change regions, simply change the region to the desired one in ea3-config.xml, run the game and it should exit. Then, copy everything (do not cut) in prop/defaults to dev/nvram and run the game againit should start with the new region accordingly! Download: (use megadownloader) mega://enc2?pmxZd2qqmRzvZWgnhY_pfnQc2iixlaSAdMYwU4gzy0E8lAvWCmyyG3p6x-GQi4Cw5DQyOx7CkIbwOfV00NCYfA Bishi Bashi Channel 2018 - nvram (English).rar Spicetools can be found in this thread Special thanks: Helvetica for making this release possible and everything she's done for the USA Konami scene. Gameplay:
  3. set the default line to the local ip address of your PC
  4. in windows network settings, right click network icon and choose network and internet settings then connection properties
  5. Make sure its in the same folder as inject.exe
  6. start.bat that was extracted with segatools files
  7. Initial D Zero Version 1.3 for the sega nu2 The archive comes with the dump, segatools and the server for score saving. The server needs nodejs installed and on first run the server will need Visual C++ build tools and python installed to do it's thing Read the readme on how to setup the dump with segatools Download: (use megadownloader) mega://enc2?YisMSiILVUe-liHyMWoFFEscVH87_F3JTlVMAwC0ti2AiwiwmeUDYwQ3zNEHlijt-mpu4Gb05tENy9GXhsm1Ng mirror: All.Net/AiMe server: minime-v010.zip Launcher: segatools-v004.zip Note: if this is anything like the other initial d games then it's nvidia only until someone fixes the shaders for AMD/IntelHD
  8. The ID discord has lifted the whole lockdown thing if you wanted to join. if you just wanted D0 then keep your eyes peeled
  9. They seem to be pretty paranoid atm, the owner decided to make the discord private until D0 is released "publicly" (reuploaded from bemaniso)
  10. Steel Chronicle Victroopers Ver3.9 (KGG-2016062901) Important 1. This is a touchscreen game, but SpiceTools also allows you to use your mouse if required. Game menu and some in-game actions will need to be clicked/pressed on screen. 2. There's no publicly known server supporting this yet, but the local server in SpiceTools (-ea) will allow you to boot into game mode and to play local matching and some default missions. Setup 1. Copy spice.exe and spicecfg.exe from latest SpiceTools into contents 2. Create spice.bat with local server enabled (example contents: spice -ea) 2. Configure inputs with spicecfg.exe (Xbox360 style controllers works well) 3. When it prompts, go into service menu 4. Calibrate touch and analogs (it will guide you what to do), then set the clock 5. Enter game mode, insert some credits, touch the title screen and enjoy! Download [Hidden Content] Ingame screenshot
  11. ICE Arcade Restore Discs

    Not all of them
  12. Extracted Sega Chihiro ROMs

    I can get cxbx to boot outrun 2 beta but it has "minor graphical issues". i've seen VC3 running fine on cxbx and ollie king has been shown working. Other games get stuck on a black screen or JVS error