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  1. [Arcade PC] Left4Dead Survivors (Taito Type X3)

    i wasn't keeping track
  2. [Arcade PC] Left4Dead Survivors (Taito Type X3)

    There might be, i made a "lite" version of cyberdiver and got the size from 8.7GB to 3.8GB because it had a ton of unused hl2 and tf2 files. Left4Dead Survivors looks to have all the files from the pc version so there has to be some which aren't being used in the arcade version
  3. [Arcade PC] Left4Dead Survivors (Taito Type X3)

    Open the console and write exit or crtl, alt, delete > task manager > kill left4dead2.exe
  4. [Arcade PC] Monsterous

    Idk, ICE hardware is a generic PC running XPe
  5. [Arcade PC] Monsterous

    Arcade Redemption game Dropbox link How to install: Download "MT Game File Installer CEC 1.0.iso" Mount the iso and run setup.exe When installing select the Desktop option (Yes it's that easy) Run with the "Monsterous - Desktop Run.bat" file the installer put on the desktop Controls: Idk, game seems to accept keyboard input Gamplay:
  6. [Arcade PC] Go Ballistic Arcade Image Disk ISO

    Is the game not in the ICE dropbox?
  7. [Arcade PC] Left4Dead Survivors (Taito Type X3)

    Use the bat to start the game and don't update the folder with the incomplete update
  8. [Arcade PC] Left4Dead Survivors (Taito Type X3)

    WASD and mouse click to start
  9. [Arcade PC] Left4Dead Survivors (Taito Type X3)

    it's in the mega link
  10. [Arcade PC] Left4Dead Survivors (Taito Type X3)

  11. [Arcade PC] Left4Dead Survivors (Taito Type X3)

    [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  12. [Arcade PC] Left4Dead Survivors (Taito Type X3)

    les liens pour 3 et 4 sont bien
  13. [Arcade PC] Left4Dead Survivors (Taito Type X3)

    Move the bat file to where the game files are
  14. [Arcade PC] Left4Dead Survivors (Taito Type X3)

    add -width x -height x to the end of the bat, change the x with what res you want the game to run at. bear in mind the ui will not scale properly to any resolution other than 1080p i'm not sure where l4dArcadeui_english.txt goes
  15. Special thanks to 1cc. No loaders are required A BAT file is included in the download link to run the game, the game runs in a similar way to Cyberdiver and HalfLife 2 Survivor By default the bat file will run in 1080p borderless windowed however you can change it to windowed/fullscreen Unfinished English translation is also included Download: [Hidden Content] Changing the res: Note: The UI does not scale properly with any res other than 1920x1080, Lowering the res may break the UI and menus. Editing config files is not recomended To change the res add -width X -height X to the end of the bat file, Replace the X's with your chosen res eg. for 1440p (2560x1440) you would use -width 2560 -height 1440 Screenshot Gameplay "L4DOL" Mod Makes the game appear online, changes the top right network icon to green and removes nesica offline text on the menus Extract it over the game files Download: [Hidden Content] Note: The game has a launch flag which can simulate it being connected to NESiCA, I wasn't aware of this when making this mod