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  1. The README says : "Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition V1.0 Export" I assume only that version has 2 players mode and I don't know which versions were posted here. I play just USFIV and no other SF IV Arcade version. CHEERs
  2. It's in the README.txt file of the JVSEmu archive CHEERs
  3. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Any news about Lost Land Adventure on TP? I'm playing the dump posted here on Emuline with the ducon2016 fix and GL ( for the fifth stage ). Game works, dome fix is not very accurate but it's acceptable. Also, I was able to play it with two xbox gamepad and it's good. Anyway, would be nice to have it on TP too CHEERs
  4. Ci40 G4M3-MANiACs™, I was able to remove the "NO DRIVE BOARD" in Wave Runner GP I edited some bytes in epr-24059.ic22 ( a file in the rom zip archive ). A small little black rectangle appears in the low right corner during game screens but it goes aways when it starts the race. I really like this game!!! A little video : Download this archive : [Hidden Content] Password = nohero Unzip and run Demul and go to Config->Plugins and Paths and set the path for roms, plugins and nvram. JoyPad is already set it up as follow : Left Stick = Wheel Right Stick = Inclination RT = Accelerate A = View 0 kbd = Test F2 kbd = Service To change Khm to Mph go to Config->Naomi BIOS and set : "Naomi epr-21577h (USA)" To change video resolution go to Config->Video and set the Windows resolution you prefer ( don't untick the Hacks I checked ). Don't change the video plugin, leave the gpuDX10 otherwise it will not work. Use the Demul version I uploaded, it doesn't work in other versions. Hope you enjoy and remember to show some love hitting the THANKS button CHEERs
  5. I don't know for an aimtrack, I'm using a xbox gamepad. If you want to know more check the TUTO section, I made a video tutorial for it using a xbox gamepad. CHEERs
  6. In the main directory, where the RSLauncher.exe is.
  7. [PC] Fighting Games Recommendations

    I thought they had completed the roster with last CE update but now it's better, there will be some other char for sure Thanks @NoKey
  8. No but from my experience I can say many games take credits/coins from pushing the Service button. CHEERs
  9. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    No problem, you are welcome...I was going to send you a JConfig configuration I did for you CHEERs
  10. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Did you select DInput in JConfig? Try to give credits/coins pushing the Service button or go in Test mode and set it to FreePlay
  11. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Are you using TP for loading it? I play this game with JConfig because I have had some problem with TP. Try to use JConfig and launch the game using RingGunR_RingWide.exe
  12. Uploading it with the game too. Will send it to you via PM ------------------------------- Done! CHEERs
  13. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Usually Demulshooter will close automatically after the game is quit...at least here it does so. Does it only do it with SGG?
  14. That's a funny error msg considering the GPU you are running. What are you using for running it? Here works good with TP and ducon2016 dome fix and fullscreen fix. My GPU is less powerful than yours Did you select RSLauncher.exe in the TP Game Settings?
  15. I played a bit with it and a I found how to enter in Test menu. It works only for GP 2, not GP 1. Anyway, in my opinion Test menu is useless with this game because it doesn't save the changes I do at least with this Dolphin version. I made a quick video video : This is how I maped the controls : GameCube xbox360 JoyPad A = A ( Items ) B = null X = X ( Service ) Y = Y ( Test ) Z = Select ( Coin ) Start = Start ( Start ) Main Stick = Left Stick ( Wheel ) Triggers L = LT ( Brake ) Triggers R = RT ( Gas ) When you see the start Check screen, press Test button ( Y in my case ) Remeber to untick "Skip BIOS" option in Dolphin, it's very important otherwise Check screen doesn't show up. This one maybe needs to be moved in TUTO section by some moderator, it can be helpful for others too I think. P.S. I forgot to add in the video I changed the iso format in gcm format for a better DSP LLE compatibility. You can do it simply changing the extension from .iso to .gcm, that's all. Hope you enjoy and remember to show some love hitting the THANKS button CHEERs
  16. Is not compatible? I'm using something else then [Hidden Content]
  17. Killer Instinct [Steam]

    Yes but then uncle Bill made a PC version to get some more bucks from it
  18. Yes, you can. You need Demulshooter ( I have an old one because the newest gave me problems with Model 2 ). I don't know if it works for a non XInput gamepad. I did a little video for showing you something of my setup Maybe this must be added in the TUTO section, there's nothing there about it. P.S. Music in the video ♪♫ Red Hot Mama ♪♫ by Funkadelic CHEERs
  19. Killer Instinct [Steam]

    My "emulated" STEAM version runs good without Runasdate Great game, a very good fighting one!!! CHEERs
  20. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    @all users still have the error "Sound Function Not Found" with SEGA Dream Raiders : there are 2 .exe files, first one is in the main directory and the other one is in Prg folder. Set TP to use the .exe in the Prg folder and you will get no "Sound Function Not Found " anymore. P.S. In Test menu you can choose different languages ( Eng, Ita, Esp, etc etc ). Remember to leave the dongle and pcb region set to JAPAN in TP. You can also choose in Test menu to play in 2players mode with "Individual" life bar and it's better in my opinion because if you play alone you will see only 1 crosshair. I made a quick video : CHEERs
  21. @eathearty1, if you want, I can help you to find ( in your native lang ) the ISO for v1803 and I can help you to set it up for no updates and no MS shit . Here it works really good, especially gaming side ( I tweaked the OS a lot, it runs better than what MS gives, lol ). You can write me via PM, no problem
  22. @vitamina , @aeliss, I confirm, FreePlay doesn't work even if ticked in the Game Settings, like Too Spicy, but you can put credits pushing Service button, not Coin. Set the Service button in TP Controller Setup. Resolution of the game is 1280x720, I can't set a higher res but here it goes in fullscreen and it's ok ( my desktop res is 1920x1080 ). CHEERs
  23. For me it works better with TP. I tried it with JConfig and it works too but rumble can't be turned off, maybe it's possibile with xbox360ce, didn't try. You need JConfig for this game then set in the launcher Windows 8 compatibility. It doesn't start always at first launch, you need a bit of patience. You can also use the dome fix by ducon2016 ( thanks for everything D, you are very helpful ), it works with TP too. Nice game by the way, very funny CHEERs
  24. Hello, my french is not so good so I reply in english. You are using a PS 4 controller so you have to follow these steps : - download xbox360ce x86 ( very important, emu is x86 ). Unpack and put everything where the emu.exe is. Run it and set the buttons then close it. - open emulator.ini and find the XInput string. Put "1" as value without quotes, save and exit. - launch the emulator, choose the game and open the option for Controls and click again on Accelerate or Brake for open the sub-panel. In the first drop menu choose your gamepad and in the 2nd menu put Right Trigger for R2 or Left Trigger for L2. Save. CHEERs