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  1. Hello, my french is not so good so I reply in english. You are using a PS 4 controller so you have to follow these steps : - download xbox360ce x86 ( very important, emu is x86 ). Unpack and put everything where the emu.exe is. Run it and set the buttons then close it. - open emulator.ini and find the XInput string. Put "1" as value without quotes, save and exit. - launch the emulator, choose the game and open the option for Controls and click again on Accelerate or Brake for open the sub-panel. In the first drop menu choose your gamepad and in the 2nd menu put Right Trigger for R2 or Left Trigger for L2. Save. CHEERs
  2. I hope it will work for you, here I'm on WiN10 1803 and I will stay with this version until I can Let me know, upload is in the comment above.
  3. @G4M3-MANiACS™, I uploaded KoF XIII Climax already set for 2 xbox gamepad ( JConfig + Game Loader ). Before start the game, launch Game Loader Installer.exe and install it ( don't install portable because it doesn't work, already tested, that's why I didn't add it ). After installed GL, launch the game using Game Loader All RH.exe and use ESC ( keyboard ) for quitting it. Language is set to English, difficulty is set to Normal and fight time to 99 seconds. If you don't like my settings, run Test menu and change what you want ( remeber to click on Save and Exit to store the changes ). The resolution of the game is set at 1920x1080. Buttons configuration : Gamepad 1 xbox A = A xbox X = B xbox B = C xbox Y = D xbox LT = Service xbox Right Thumb Stick = Test Gamepad 2 xbox A = A xbox X = B xbox B = C xbox Y = D Buttons A, B and C are also for choosing fighters start order. ESC kbd = Quit Game Remeber you can change buttons configuration running JConfig and set what you want. MEGA link : [Hidden Content] Password = nohero If you like my upload, show some love and hit the THANKS button so I will do more CHEERs
  4. Don't know for Road Fighters 3D because I'm using a xbox gamepad for it, no need to set J2K. Anyway, if you set in spicecfg.exe keyboards and mouse buttons then you can use J2K for assigning the controls to a gamepad but it's not a good idea because RF 3D can be controlled with a gamepad without J2K. Let me know if you need a TUTO for it, I can do it CHEERs
  5. I'm using JConfig + GL because with TP I have had resolution problems. Will do an upload of the dump I'm using + JConfig and GL already set for 2 xbox gamepad. CHEERs
  6. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    I'm waiting for VF5-R and VF5-FS.
  7. Here it works good, Winning Eleven 12. I set Right Stick for mouse movement and Right Thumb Stick for mouse right click. CHEERs
  8. What are you using for running it? Here it works good with JConfig and GL, no I/O error.
  9. [Arcade PC] Metal Gear Arcade (Konami)

    Same here, with the old spicetools only kbd works, my xbox controller not. With the latest version of ST my xbox gamepad works but the game doesn't start. If someone knows a FiX would be helpful. P.S. I tried plugging a mic and that error doesn't go away. WiN 10 v1803 with all C++ and latest DX.
  10. [Arcade PC] Metal Gear Arcade (Konami)

    Downloaded, tested both versions and got PBC error. Tried different versions of spicetools + GL but got always the PBC error. Tried also the content archive posted by spiderzsoft and hitting the Service button but the error doesn't go away.
  11. You mean KoF XIII or XIV...never heard about VIII version. CHEERs
  12. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    You need to go in Test mode -> Game Assignments -> change from Ticket to Coin. CHEERs
  13. [Arcade PC] Metal Gear Arcade (Konami)

    Links are working here...slow as hell but they are working : CHEERs
  14. [Tuto] Let's go Jungle, install, AMD fix.

    Nice game anyway, LG Island too. To be honest I had not tried them until today, I always skipped them and I don't know why lol, but i must say that I like them. CHEERs
  15. [Tuto] Let's go Jungle, install, AMD fix.

    Yes, I noticed a lower volume but it's not a problem and in my opinion for 2 players is better ( separate life bar and better commands for action movies ). CHEERs