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  1. Uaaa...quanti connazionali...ed io che pensavo di essere quasi solo, lol Un saluto a tutti!!! Complimenti per il lavoro @nado74 anche se io non sono un appasionato di giochi LaserDisc. CHEERs
  2. [Emu] Sega Model 3: Supermodel r812

    @trouby, go to yourSupermodelfolder/Config and open the Supermodel.ini file. Then add these lines : InputFishingRodLeft = "KEY_LEFT" InputFishingRodRight = "KEY_RIGHT" InputFishingRodUp = "KEY_UP" InputFishingRodDown = "KEY_DOWN" InputFishingStickLeft = "KEY_A" InputFishingStickRight = "KEY_D" InputFishingStickUp = "KEY_W" InputFishingStickDown = "KEY_S" InputFishingRodX = "JOY1_XAXIS" InputFishingRodY = "JOY1_YAXIS" InputFishingStickX = "JOY1_RXAXIS" InputFishingStickY = "JOY1_RYAXIS" InputFishingReel = "KEY_SPACE,JOY1_ZAXIS_POS" InputFishingCast = "KEY_Z,JOY1_BUTTON1" InputFishingSelect = "KEY_X,JOY1_BUTTON2" It's configured for Analog JoyPad + keyboard but you can edit what you want. Remember to save the changes. CHEERs
  3. [Emu] Xenia - Emulateur Xbox 360 Pour Pc

    Unfortunately MAME can't emulate well systems using 3D. Model 2 and Model 3 are good examples and they are from 90s. Same for Naomi 1 and 2, Hyper NeoGeo, Atomiswave, Hikaru, etc etc. Some 3D systems work good like Vegas/Seattle because those circuits are not so complicated but all the rest is in a preliminary state of emulation and can be traslated as : "one day, when PC HW will be 100 times better than Arcade HW" CHEERs
  4. @trouby, I play ABC in RPCS3 and I agree, it's better than TP emulation. Sometimes console ports and PC versions are better than Arcade ( Samurai Shodown 2019, SFV, ABC, these are good examples ). P.S. With ABC in RPCS3, if someone gets stuck at saving screen, disable auto save function, it fixes the issue. Off Topic I think a topic with comparison Arcade vs PC/Consoles can help to keep people updated about "which version runs better"? It's just an idea/suggestion. CHEERs
  5. Finally got the Epic PC version and I must admit is better than the Arcade version ( blood, 2 players, all DLC and other things ). Also, it runs very good on my machine and got no crash after a few hours of playing. I love Arcade but this one is not as good as Epic PC version. CHEERs
  6. [Emu] Xenia - Emulateur Xbox 360 Pour Pc

    I load ISO games in Xenia like Red Dead Redemption from File/Load and the I select the ISO. CHEERs
  7. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    @reinsrus, it's not a matter of redump etc etc. The system of that game is not easy to emulate in MAME, stop. The Hyper NeoGeo is an older system than the one you wish and it's not emulated yet in a good way. MAME is not like the other emulators, it works emulating all circuits not patching bytes so it's really hard that game will work in newer releases, forget about it. There are several systems that don't work yet like Model 2 for example and no news about it. If you want to play that game you need to buy a cabinet, trust me. Go to MAMEdevs on GitHub and ask to them...or maybe you already did it, who knows...I thought you stopped to write this thing about Johnny Nero since previous MAME version but I see you are spamming the forum again and again. Good luck with that! CHEERs
  8. [Emu] Xenia - Emulateur Xbox 360 Pour Pc

    I think never because the actual state is not as good as it seems. You need a PC beast to run it in a decent way. Also, it' s one of the heaviest bench software for the PC HW...my i7 4790k Is like a squeezed lemon during the less time I play it and with these hot days it's better to play something else. CHEERs
  9. Can you send me iccemu? I haven't it and I want to give It a try, thanks!
  10. Can any of you kindly post the GLRH 278 version? I can't find it...thanks!
  11. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    What kind of controllers you are using? How they are connected? When you set buttons in the options are they respond well? Both?
  12. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    I'm using 2 xbox360 original via a chinese adaptor and no problem in TP. I always tick the XInput option. CHEERs
  13. How to save or make the card working? I'm using GLRHA ( latest ) and SpiceTools ( latest ). Any help is appreciated, thanks! CHEERs
  14. Can any of you kindly upload the exe file in the Onion/Binaries/Win64 directory? I deleted it accidentally. Thanks.