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  1. [Arcade PC] Platoon (LaserDisc)

    Soon my version of Platoon
  2. I re-downloaded the mega link. extracted with winrar and there are all audio video files
  3. Hello everybody This is my little lasergame-style game I created, based on Puss in Boots. As his emulator the daphne singe, 2 versions 4: 3 and 16: 9 are available daownload emulator singe 4: 3 [Hidden Content] download emulator singe 16:9 [Hidden Content] Download Puss in Boots [Hidden Content] just insert the gatto folder in the singe folder and the 2 bat files in the main emulator folder. The 2 bat files are named ITA and ENG, based on which you launch you will have the English or Italian language. F9 to enter the configuration menu and choose your settings
  4. the link leads to a small review made by my friend Igor, owner of Triad Stone. Chantze's Stone version with different name for laseractive, a 3DO and Saturn version has also been made with the name of strahl.
  5. Hello to all I present my project of some time ago. Chantze's Stone, the video source and the laserdisc. Unfortunately I was given the video of the game but without the map scenes that I couldn't add. However the game is intact, the moves and the difficulty are the same as the arcade game. daownload emulator singe 4: 3 [Hidden Content] download emulator singe 16:9 [Hidden Content] just insert the chantze folder in the singe folder and the bat files in the main emulator folder. download Chantze's Stone [Hidden Content]
  6. the bios ldp 1450 must be dumped, but there are quite large difficulties, but one day it will arrive
  7. Sono un collezionista di ALG e ho tutto, ho fatto tutti i test di emulazione. ALG su Singe realizzato da RDG ci sono molti errori e video mancanti dalla versione laserdisc. Il gameplay di WINUAE è lo stesso della versione arcade, ma il video sarà sempre molto basso anche quando si estrae dal disco laser in formato lossless. Aspetta MAME Marbella Vice, Zorton Brothers work perfectly on winuae, Platoon does not work. PALs have never been decrypted against copies
  8. What do you need the video for? I can not understand
  9. Do you have the laserdisc? if you can do it, I won't do it. As soon as possible everything will be put on MAME extracted from me
  10. this is the PC version, only released in Russia and with Russian audio. I replaced all the clips with the video extracted from the laserdisc, but I had to keep the resolution that the PC version had
  11. only works with the iso mounted in a virtual drive