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  1. Make sure you install DirectX on your computer.
  2. I'm having the same problem with jgt.dll not able to load. Also, can someone reupload the FFB plugin for this game? the link from the previous reply had all expired. thanks
  3. [Trad] WMMT5DX+ English Patch

    Hey, can you run me through what you did to make the peddles work? I've entered that option and now my game keeps on staying on Test Mode.
  4. [Trad] WMMT5DX+ English Patch

    So all you need to do is turn on I/O interface Initialize and it will work? (I'm asking for a friend who is using a G29 and his peddles don't work for the game for some reason).
  5. [Trad] WMMT5DX+ English Patch

    Thank you. =)
  6. [Trad] WMMT5DX+ English Patch

    @Boomslangnz can you make a FFB file for this game please?
  7. Oh, the red hair guy looks like the traveler from Genshin Impact.xD
  8. Okay, just some nitpick here. Anyone else getting stuck with the song "Pray for you" in story mode and unable to change it to anything else?
  9. [Trad] WMMT5DX+ English Patch

    can you upload the actual game files on to Mega or Google drive? the actual game files from the site is not available in my country. Also, I've used VPN and it's gonna take up to 5 hours just to download 1 part of the file.
  10. [Trad] WMMT5DX+ English Patch

    Nice, anyone know where I can find the FFB for this? PS: Also, anyone know what the WMMT6R FFB file is for in the latest FFB package?
  11. Okay, I've managed to get the game to work on TP and finished the game, Now I'm just wondering if there are any save file editors for this game (for Teknoparrot), If there are, can someone link me to the file?
  12. Hey punkdark2000 can you do a tutorial on how to do the calibrations? I can get into the test menu but don't know which one to calibrate.

    Hi, I've installed this game on my computer and it's working perfectly, but for some reason when I installed it on my friend's computer Teknoparrot keep giving me this "Missing dbcore.DLL" error. Is there a solution to this? Thanks in advance.
  14. Can someone split the file to two and then reupload it to Mega? Because Mega download has a limit of 5GB for free users and it doesn't resume once you turn off your computer. thanks. PS: The mirror doesn't allow US users to download, I've tried using VPN but it still doesn't let me.
  15. Has anyone figured out how to play instore battle with 2 computers yet?