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  1. Should someone want to get something of their chest. Pretty please, PM each other ? Keep your "conversations" private ? no i wont send PM's, i refuse to be two faced.. the forum has become toxic due to certain people, and the way TP conducts itself has caused a outrage.. therefor you end up with rants and opinions.. afterall the definition is: forum /ˈfɔːrəm/ 1. a meeting or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue are exchanged.
  2. stop stirring things!! thats enough attention for one day!!
  3. @LEGEND80 End of subject, case closed? Good comeback. Do you have any rationale to your stance? You do understand you can play 98% of the game on TP for free, right? No, I think you like to focus on the toy you can't have because you don't understand the concept of supporting a project. Maybe whining will help support TP, if so then you and the other 2 people on here are awesome contributors and really helping the community and loader projects with that fantastic negativity. it wasnt a comeback, you idiot!! im not in a argument with you!! my point isnt about whats free, my point is, emulation has always been free and should remain that way, and all this spill about supporting the tp team ha, what a joke.. its to make money, ok donations are fair but a on going monthly subscription is just a money spinner! and im not the only person saying it.. as for me whining lol you aint got the brain to work out im not whining, but im expressing my opinion which is allowed.. and my opinion is that the patreon fee is a joke!! you bang on about cemu and how they charge, well i use dolphine and thats free! so why would i pay for cemu? and cemu isnt a monthly subscription either!! you come across like a marketing tool!! mine and others comments on this forum are helpful to the community, as we point out that tp isnt worth paying for.. people can make their own minds up to support it via patreon or not.. but they get both sides of the story!! myself and others are not trying to turn people away!! stop twisting it!! stop trying to belittle people and act like a grown up! your very quick to point out peoples bad points when actually they have a right to air there opinions. if you want to contribute so much then maybe stop concentrating on us.. you paint yourself as such a rightous tool, its sad! if you 3 hate the emulator, just leave. Just go. The fact that you don't shows that you need this loader because it's the ONLY thing that really going on in the Arcade scene after all the pathetic whiners drove Mohkerz away. Maybe you'll get your way and piss off Reaver enough to quit the project and then you'll be left with nothing. Then you can sleep at night because you made sure no one had the right to support any kind of emulation project. lol now whos being pathetic!! did i say i hate emulators? NO!! what about you leave and go>> ???? i can honestly say im using game loader more than tp, it just works and does what it says for free!! and i use dolphin and mame.. that is perfect for my needs, but i am into emulation and to see people being pushed in to monthly subscription dont seem right to me.. i sleep just fine at night thank you! so grow up and shut up!!
  4. @LEGEND80 nobody cares what you say!! get your head out his arse! the bulk of people disagree with paying to be patreon.. end of subject, case closed!! ps: if you dont like the response on here, go away and dont leave your stupid long winded comments! boring!! good night!
  5. ive said it all before and the guy who thinks hes a gangster with the gun.. replies with stupid mememe pictures!! tp isnt worth paying for.. i will never back it with a patreon subscription. it dont do what is says on the tin.. and i stand by that!!
  6. for transformers and rambo you will need TP and to be a patreon.. as i said transformers worked perfect for me with no issues but rambo has no sound. i would wait until the sound is fixed for rambo if i was you, otherwise try it for a month by becoming a patreon.. i use gameloader for street fighter ultra, under defeat, and many others.. i also use jconfig for games such as, pokken tournament and mario kart, and grid. the reason for using gameloader and jconfig is the games just work and play with out issues unlike in TP.. hope that helps
  7. i am a patreon.. i understand they have to get the dongles and pcb boards. the rest of it tho feels like a money making scheme, and yes i agree with you, poor QA and terrible UI lucky for me ive had no issues with transformers either. game loader works for me with other games, its not all about TP, there are other loaders that do the job just fine and they are not paided loaders.
  8. i think this patreon stuff is a joke!! its a money making scheme.. ok it will costs you to play in the arcade but it works because the said hardware is there.. and for some the patreon fee works as they can play over and over in their own homes. from what you see and read on this forum tho, the patreon fee is to test their work.. just because they crack and emulate a game they should have no right to charge us for it.. its a ego thing, after all they call themselfs gods lol
  9. for a start im not crying lol i contribute and help others on this forum, im not a expert but have helped others when possible.. its not free tho is it? its not like other loaders because i cant play transformers can i? i just want to play and when TP dont work i will turn to other loaders that do work.. i mean who is going to report a issue that dont get closed or fixed when they can just turn to another loader that does the job? i have a issue with pokken tournament and cant get it to run, but i dont see you helping me fix that? but if i pay you a patreon fee, i get support wtf!! i wonder when you will learn that drawing stupid pictures does not affect me ha so please stop trying to insult me since it is completely useless.. your not a god and your not a gangster, so grow up!
  10. no wonder tekno parrot is plaqued with problems..
  11. @LEGEND80 stop shooting people down and understand people are not going to bother logging issues!! yes fnf is being fixed, but the game that started this, theone in question is: KOF Skystage there is no fix for this? or can you point us to the fix? so people have turned to loaders that do work and do run the older games!! like i have, accept it!! "lazy crybabies" grow the f**k up! if your such a expert in emulation why dont you fix people issues? your fast to yell us to log it but you dont help fix the anybodys issues do you?
  12. @DamnIsAbusiveLOL you are not helpful atall!! you call people dumb wtf!! are you so clever then? sort your comments out, and face facts that gameloader works better for some games than TP.. i have split my collection in to what works under TP and what works using gameloader.. now i have little or no problems.. @linglang has made some of the most helpful tutorials on here and his advice is sound, yet you ask him to report game issues that dont get fixed unless they are the newest releases!! its about what works for people and not about reporting to TP every time something is broken.. infact if something is broken most people will just try gameloader or type x loader rather than report it.. things never get closed meaning issues dont get fixed.. it seems all about the latest games and never fixing the older broken ones!! ps: your name speaks volumes!! as i said before "go be abusive somewhere else" or stop calling people dumb and retarded
  13. wow thanks so much! i have a nvidia gpu and win 1809 but still it wont load.. it just hangs and when i go to task manager i see ferrum exe but nothing happens.. if i load it in tp it just hangs saying saying dll loaded.. pain in the ass! ill have to play the wii version i guess.. thanks alot for your help tho, much appeciated mate
  14. yes i tried that and replaced the ferrum exe been searching everywhere for another copy of it but cant find one..
  15. please please please can somebody share there working pokken tournament with me, the one on the front page does not run for me..