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  1. did you think to scroll up before posting this? its been posted by two others, so old news.. "probably for Patreon" why be so negative? give them a chance.. it might be a non patreon release or some other games might be made non patreon.. im not a supporter of the patreon but im not bitter about what is patreon and whats not..
  2. i play all nesica and type x games using gh gameloader or jconfig.. tekno parrot isnt very for good for nesica or type x
  3. i sent a link to my working copy, download it and run using rifd god inject exe.. it works.. forget tekno parrot, run it how i expained it [Hidden Content]
  4. change the windows position in jconfig..
  5. here is a link to download my copy of crimson clover [Hidden Content]
  6. you cant have rfid god inject or jconfig in the folder if you wish to run it via tekkno parrot.. as i said make a new folder on desktop re extract cimson clover to that folder and add the 3 files i shared with the settings i showed in the screen shots.. then run the rfid god inject exe to launch game also make sure you have the latest microsoft runtime updates
  7. these are screen shots of my config, works for me [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  8. make a copy of crimzon clover and add theses files to that copy.. then run it using rfid god inject JConfig.exe iDmacDrv32.dll RFIDGod_inject.exe
  9. have you tried to load the game using jconfig or rh gameloader? i can confirm both methods work
  10. yes that is normal, its annoying i know
  11. ok well i hope you can get it to run.. my working idmac, crimson clover works.. try it and let me know.. iDmacDrv32.dll
  12. but have tried to use the one i posted?? just because its the same size dont mean its not going to work
  13. try this version iDmacDrv32.dll
  14. seems like it is a issue for some but not all.. glad you got it fixed by rolling back a driver version.. personally i have always installed my drivers via the ge force experience software and never had a issue
  15. either download a fresh copy or point tp to the tekkengame64shippingexe.. that is the exe you need to start the game