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  1. another of my posts disappeared? i mean what is so wrong with asking when tekken 7 streetfighter v and hummer might get a release? good bye forum.. its been emotional
  2. them games really aint worth bothering with unless your fan.. there are a few pages regarding the games if you do a search of this forum.
  3. copy the patch, either 1 or 2 to the doa game folder then point tp to the exe of the update in the game folder..
  4. point tp to launch the exe in either update 1 or update 2
  5. yeah agreed, id pay into a patreon if games/roms could be bought and release dates given..
  6. there seems to be alot of confused people on here today
  7. we all know there is a patreon for tp.. so would it be possible to have a patreon to raise funds to buy the roms? please discuss..
  8. 1: download gameloader all rh 338 from the gameloader page of this forum 2: install it and copy it to the ko drive game folder, the ko drive exe folder 3: press loader setting 1 tab in gameloader all rh and select folder for tekno parrot and select tp ui exe, where tp is installed for you 4: open tekno parrot and goto ko drive game settings, select gameloader all rh as the exe to start the game 5: ko drive opens in full screen
  9. yes that how im playing it
  10. thanks @customizer2 seems to do the job..
  11. thanks @linglang but id rather resize it within in the config file.. if possible, im not really wanting to install a driver for a average game..
  12. agreed, just removed the " and it remains small?? [Hidden Content]
  13. yes sorry it was a typo as you can see here [Hidden Content], ive tried 1360 x 768 also