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    i7 6700k cpu - 16gb ddr4 hyper x ram 2400mhz - evo 970 m2 500gb - 2tb seagate - msi quicksilver 1070 gpu - windows 10 pro 64bit version 1809, msi clutch 40 mouse, 2x Xbox 360 wireless controllers, 1x steelseries status xl controller, viewsonics 32" qhd monitor - X-ARCADE DUAL JOYSTICK: WITH USB
  1. no wonder tekno parrot is plaqued with problems..
  2. @LEGEND80 stop shooting people down and understand people are not going to bother logging issues!! yes fnf is being fixed, but the game that started this, theone in question is: KOF Skystage there is no fix for this? or can you point us to the fix? so people have turned to loaders that do work and do run the older games!! like i have, accept it!! "lazy crybabies" grow the f**k up! if your such a expert in emulation why dont you fix people issues? your fast to yell us to log it but you dont help fix the anybodys issues do you?
  3. @DamnIsAbusiveLOL you are not helpful atall!! you call people dumb wtf!! are you so clever then? sort your comments out, and face facts that gameloader works better for some games than TP.. i have split my collection in to what works under TP and what works using gameloader.. now i have little or no problems.. @linglang has made some of the most helpful tutorials on here and his advice is sound, yet you ask him to report game issues that dont get fixed unless they are the newest releases!! its about what works for people and not about reporting to TP every time something is broken.. infact if something is broken most people will just try gameloader or type x loader rather than report it.. things never get closed meaning issues dont get fixed.. it seems all about the latest games and never fixing the older broken ones!! ps: your name speaks volumes!! as i said before "go be abusive somewhere else" or stop calling people dumb and retarded
  4. wow thanks so much! i have a nvidia gpu and win 1809 but still it wont load.. it just hangs and when i go to task manager i see ferrum exe but nothing happens.. if i load it in tp it just hangs saying saying dll loaded.. pain in the ass! ill have to play the wii version i guess.. thanks alot for your help tho, much appeciated mate
  5. yes i tried that and replaced the ferrum exe been searching everywhere for another copy of it but cant find one..
  6. please please please can somebody share there working pokken tournament with me, the one on the front page does not run for me..
  7. really enjoying doa 5!! works a treat!!
  8. great work TP crew!! nice to see you putting some freshness out for us.. good work!
  9. i have the same problem, can you please share your working copy with me? it will be much appeciated
  10. here you go, [Hidden Content]
  11. @arkadito3030 please follow this link: hope that helps
  12. so when might we see dead or alive non patreon? also what else is coming for TP? any news on new titles?
  13. it runs full screen for me in TP.. might be the fact your using win 7? not sure, just a guess
  14. run the game using gameloader or type x loader.. there are no issues full screen..
  15. dead or alive? works fine according to people on here and yet remains patreon... rambo is not for me but is anticipated by many and as for sb2 and the f&f games.. not for me either