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  1. Maybe will be unlocked as "extra stage", on song wheel i didn't see it. I was trying to get AAA grade and some AA in gameplay but my pc is not good enough to get these grades.
  2. No, I was think in need hex edit to unlock these old songs but i got no results, hex edit is a method to change encrypted code in games to force the executable to unlock certain assets. I need to wait the new dll comes from bemani patcher, now you can unlock orca but not all the songs from Ace 20 or the retro songs.
  3. How did you do this, is in data folder or hex edit with the gamemdx.dll?
  4. How can i implement these songs in data folder? i will try here in con folder to disable this coin mode.
  5. Is DDR A20 with unlock dll or a stepmania theme? if was a theme looks so perfect! If was a DDR A20 hex edit, how can i unlock Dam Dariram and Captain jack (grandale remix).
  6. Yes, with bemanitools or spicetools.
  7. Sad news:the 8C servers are off, they lost the domain... But i've download the game after the website go off and is ok here, some a20 songs is still missing and the A20 gold cabinet exclusives didn't appear for me.