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  1. I First, thanks for your fast reply, I download the file, but at this file I don´t fount outputblaster.dll, I found it at older version at the repository. And a doubt...when I launch the game with enable outputs, and outputblaster.dll how can find the results? in a file? port com? Thanks so much!
  2. Hello, I would like control the outputs with teknoparrot, the lights and the vibration or feedback, I read about the outputs with teknoparrot, and in the latest versions you can turn on the option of outputs. And I read that we can control with outputblaster and mamehooker, but I copy the files of outputblaster and don´t work, anyone help me? Thanks!!
  3. Hello I have Mkdx with french traducción, I use Jconfig, the Game works but when play 10-12 games show Windows error. I have Nvidia Gt750 8 GB RAM, Windows 10 and Pentium G4560 with 3.5 GHz. Anyone hace this error?
  4. [Util] Insert Crédits

    See the atached image, with the load screen.
  5. [Util] Insert Crédits

    Thanks for your fast reply, I have the jconfig but then the game don´t work the network. When load the game don´t load the netwwork check, and in the network test have error
  6. I have not tried it yet, I've seen it, I tell you!
  7. Hello, i´m computer engineer, and I interested to colaborate with open teknoparrot, is possible I help? Is a open source project?
  8. [Util] Insert Crédits

    Hello, for Konami GTI CLUB supermini festa have a coin insert credit app?
  9. Thanks so much GamingRob!!! That´s work with the keyboard!!! Thanks Adicionally I found other solution, there a new release of JCONFIG for RAWTHILLS games... [Hidden Content] Check it, Drift, supercars and superbikes 1 and 2!
  10. I have problems to connect GTI to network, I use the Jconfig file to configure, and when load the game, pass the NETWORK step. Any idea? Other version of jconfig? Thanks so much
  11. Hello everybody! I have problems with supercars, 2 versions don´t work the gear up/down. The mohkerz version and launched with Teknoparrot, any idea? Thanks so much
  12. Hello, I would like configure the network for GTI CLUB SUPER MINI FESTA, but I have the Jconfig system, and don´t configure it. Some one link with the jconfig file?
  13. Hello, someone can change the gears? I can´t change up or down the gear with my joystick, any idea? Thanks
  14. Hello, I can play the game, i control all the inputs with a XBOX 360 controller, but I can´t change the gear in manual mode, what´s this control? Any idea? Thanks