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  1. I'm going crazy. I am trying to run the game from D: \ but creating symbolic link to C: \ I have achieved it with 3 simple .bat with Fighting EX Layer (which also asks to be executed in C: \. But for whatever reason, Aliens Extermination doesn't run. If I go straight to the .exe it works. But if I invoke it, it doesn't work. Does nothing. And I do THE SAME as with Fighting EX Layer. .bat for creating the SymLink (as admin): Mklink /D C:\PC\ "D:\Roms\Arcade PC\Aliens Extermination\PC" .bat for running the game: "C:\PC\aliens\DATA\aliens dehasped.exe" I don't know why it doesn't work. I also tried editing the file name to another that had no space. EDIT: I solved it. I've created a shortcut for "aliens dehasped.exe" and I've edited the .bat calling it. ("D:\Roms\Arcade PC\Aliens Extermination\PC\aliens\Aliens.lnk") It's weird. The .exe doesn't run but the .lnk works.
  2. I got it witch this option! (you have it unticked )
  3. I have tried the game with Game Loader All RH and with Teknoparrot. Neither of them runs the game good for me. Game Loader All RH I think is at 1080p but not full screen. And Teknoparrot is Full Screen but I think it is at 720p. Do you know how to solve this?
  4. Buff, I'm not able to do any special technique. I don't know why it doesn't detect the half moon or similar.
  5. Which folder? TCSaveData ? I didn't notice it
  6. Why has been changed at Page 1 that the game has to be run with RsLauncher.exe ? For me, it works with Starts.exe , but with RsLauncher gets an IO error.
  7. [Arcade PC] Street Fighter V Type Arcade (TTX4)

    The first time I tried with the command line summoning the AutoHotKey.exe proccess but didn't work. The .bat didn't kill it. After that, I tried killing directly the ahk exe instead the AutoHotHey.exe and worked.
  8. [Arcade PC] Street Fighter V Type Arcade (TTX4)

    I did, but the result is the same. I changed the "Close.exe" to "Close.bat" in Additional Apps, and setted to launch after the main app. When pushing ESC the game closes and as before, the ahk of closing the game continues in the background. Edit: I tried to launch the .bat directly through .cmd and said that "run is not recognized as an internal or external command". So I tried the sentence only with the "taskkill" part, with the name of the .ahk (AutoHotKey.exe is not found as a proccess). And it works. Your idea of the .bat , with the command: " taskkill /F /IM Open.exe /T " is perfect to me. It was a Bat-idea , haha. Thank you again!
  9. [Arcade PC] Street Fighter V Type Arcade (TTX4)

    Nah, I close them every time I run the game. I hate them! haha. At least the exit with ESC works. Yup!
  10. [Arcade PC] Street Fighter V Type Arcade (TTX4)

    I just compiled it with The two processes are still in the background. The fun thing is that there is no "AutoHotKey.exe" proccess and my "Open.exe" (Close Game script) and "Close.exe" (Close scripts) are in the background but appear at Task Manager in the "Details tab" not in the "Proccess tab". Oh! I give up! haha Thank you very very much anyway! Kind regards!
  11. [Arcade PC] Street Fighter V Type Arcade (TTX4)

    I did. This is my path :( D:\LaunchBox\ThirdParty\AutoHotkey\AutoHotkey.exe
  12. [Arcade PC] Street Fighter V Type Arcade (TTX4)

    I didn't set that path. But after doing it ,still doesn't work for me. AutoHotKey scripts are still in the background. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.
  13. [Arcade PC] Street Fighter V Type Arcade (TTX4)

    Thank you very much! It seems it already works !! Thank you !! Although the script does not close.
  14. [Arcade PC] Street Fighter V Type Arcade (TTX4)

    I don't undestand. I set JConfig, the first time as Xinput and everything goes OK for the Xbox pad but I cannot set Exit with the key ESC. Dinput allows me to set ESC but the Xbox pad stops working. Same for "Dinput and Xinput" and Xinput when I return to set it. The configuration was broke. On the other side I usually use Launchbox with my games and I don't know how you did that. There is no field for scripts for individual games. I only know how to create a AutoHotKey script and launch it as an app. (I have one for exiting with ESC and no works. I did the same for Left 4 Dead Survivors, and works. But not with SF V) Could you help me, please?