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    Intel Dual Core Notebook T4300 / 2.1 Ghz / 4 GB Ram / Nvidia GT240M / Windows 7 [32 Bit] /
    Xbox 360 Controller
  1. [Arcade PC] Battle Gear 4 + BG4 Tuned (TTX)

    Are you talking about the V2.03 dump available at 1cc since 05/19/18? The one I've got - which is floating around for some time now (TTX+.rar, 3.06 GB) - is Version 2.08 JPN...
  2. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.51) | Arcade PC

    As soon as I embedded gameorig.exe (not game.exe) into Teknoparrot, I was finally able to configure my XBox 360 Controller within Chase HQ2's Test Menu the way it should be. With the highly satisfying result that I enjoy real analogue control settings since then. Could work for you, too. :-)
  3. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.51) | Arcade PC

    Salut sebamiga57, Initial D Arcade Stage Launcher offre la possibilité de corriger ERROR 5108 à chaque fois le jeu a produit cette erreur. Mais bien sûr, tu dois utiliser une carte avec le lanceur dès le début de ton lancement du jeu.
  4. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.51) | Arcade PC

    Hi there, buttass, while other tech-tipsters might be able to give you a more straight & direct answer to your problem (from where you can tie up to your game progression then), I can recommend you the Initial D Arcade Stage Launcher at least, which handles Initial D's RingEdge card system in its own way (but also means you ought to start a new game). In fact, I'm unable to say if that issue of yours will belong to the graves of history with this utility, but maybe it's worth the try (if you haven't already).
  5. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.51) | Arcade PC

    It's just a wild guess, but I wonder if disabling the Free Play Mode in Operation G.H.O.S.T and Sega Golden Gun would give us the chance to make an entry into the Highscore list after a satisfying gun firing session - with a score that is worthy enough to actually find its way into the respective game's Hall of Fame.
  6. Haha, touché, LEGEND80! Literally. :-) But in fact, I'm still deliberating if an AimTrak gun really makes sense for using it on a 15.6" 16:9 screen...
  7. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.51) | Arcade PC

    Did you try to catch your preferred "kernel32.dll" from, let's say... [Hidden Content] ...followed by integrating the downloaded .dll data into your C:\Windows\System32\ folder? I am German, so if for any reason you'd like to ask me something now or in the future whilst speaking German, you can do that by PM (where any mother tongues are allowed, if I ain't wrong). However, due to obvious and understandable reasons, French and English are the only languages which are appreciated within the main forum and its subsections. By the way, in terms of your present Lindbergh (The Original) and Ghost Squad question, there's nothing I can help you with, unfortunately.
  8. Hide Mouse Cursor in Games and Emulators

    Another solution to make your mouse hiding problems being a thing of the past, is a smart combination of... 1) an appropriate program you'll find here: [Hidden Content] ...and 2) a "blank mouse cursor" file you then can embed into the above mentionend software: [Hidden Content] It's as much as a cursor can be hidden as an invisible shadow within your personal Windows OS. :-)
  9. Oh my gosh, stupid me, haha! Thanks, LEGEND80, for reminding me of this option (by using Game Loader All RH) which I had completely forgotten about. And although I had hoped for a crosshair given the size and visuals like in Let's Go Island, the tiny one I can find now within Haunted Museum gets the job done so well enough to even increase the level of joy I personally have with that game as a player who still takes aim with his mouse and not an AimTrak device (but ogling with it).
  10. So, there is a crosshair version out there for real? Must be a pretty new revision then, ain't it?
  11. [Arcade PC] Chase Hq2 Decrypted And Playable (TTX)

    Salut NeedaVirus, ce lien résout tous tes problèmes, je pense. C'est "From Russia with Love"! :-)
  12. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.51) | Arcade PC

    @spiderzsoft Lindbergh would even work with 32-Bit, I guess, but for the time being you'll need to have Windows 10 installed at any cost, if you wanna feel the centrifugal forces of Outrun 2 or going supersonic with After Burner Climax. At least one reason for Lindbergh emulation not hitherto being compatible with Windows 7 is the XAudio2_9.dll shown in your picture that is reserved to Windows 10 and doesn't work with 7 (which then again makes use of XAudio2_7.dll (and earlier versions) only. The good news is: Rumour has it that an adapted Teknoparrot release for Windows 7 running Lindbergh is already planned by its coders; although it is still written in the stars when exactly we can reckon with a such a wonderful thing. So, try looking on the bright side of life like me (I myself am still a Windows 7 user) and rejoice today on the probably wider range of playable Lindbergh titles in the future (with possibly additional resolutions, shaders, and almost whatever else your heart is wishing for in regard to that), once a stable Teknoparrot "supports Lindbergh for Windows 7 now!" Edition will have finally seen the light of day. Therefore, as long as this stage isn't reached, I'll comfort myself with the popular proverb that "good things come to those who wait". And besides, there are still more than enough other ready-for-my-play Arcade gems out there which occupy my whole attention. :-)
  13. To my knowledge, when we're talking about Chase HQ2 from 2007, that's a thing of the impossibility. Therefore, it remains as wishful thinking to see not just Nancy, but all the other tempting stuff that game has to offer as well, in a higher resolution, until someone highly capable out there argues the converse. Can't tell you anything about Valve Limit R on the other hand, because I'm a sucker for good Arcade Racers only, haha. Or did I miss anything worthy that might come from this slip (-pery when wet)? Feel free to convince me of the contary! :-) I mean, Valve Limit R isn't exactly known for any erupting riotous cheers among the community, is it?
  14. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.51) | Arcade PC

    Indeed, mjshl2 is probably right with his expectation of a Dual Core Cpu, 4 GB of Ram and a dedicated video graphics card to be considered as a technical PC solution that - despite its low end specs -,nevertheless make the TTX / RingWide / RingEdge titles run like a charm. So, if you check out my profile, you can see that my setup is more or less the same mjshl2 brought up in his comment. And although the resolution I can draw on is just 1366 x 768, I tried running Initial D Arcade Stage 6 AA at 1920 x 1080 pixels as well. Of course, the picture was terribly cropped while doing that, but the game still ran the same like it does at 720p (steady 60 Frames during racing / 30-60 frames during cut scenes and replays / making use of the x1.5 Renderer) without demanding for much more processing power than at 1366 x 768.
  15. [Arcade PC] Battle Gear 4 + BG4 Tuned (TTX)

    Hi aaron1, as far as I can tell, there hasn't been a real Widescreen hack for TTX+ made available to this day (nonetheless, I'd love it if somebody could prove me wrong here). However, if you can live with a stretched 16:9 image (by making use of Game Loader All RH, for example), be my guest, but personally I couldn't bear the uneven aspect ratio in the long run. In regard to your G29 Force Feedback question, I can't help you, unfortunately (due to the lack of this Wheel device), so someone else needs to close that gap for you.