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    Intel Dual Core Notebook T4300 / 2.1 Ghz / 4 GB Ram / Nvidia GT240M / Windows 7 [32 Bit] /
    Xbox 360 Controller
  1. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.82) | Arcade PC

    Totally agree with that. Speaks out what I'm thinking for quite a long time.
  2. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.82) | Arcade PC

    Regarde le bon côté, @wilmans2m, si tu es passée au Windows 10 à un moment donné (moi, j'utilise Win 7 encore comme toi), alors tu peux surement choisir d'une pluralité de titres de Lindbergh opérationels qu'aujourd'hui. C'est simplement une question de perspective, n'est-ce pas? ;-)
  3. [Arcade PC] Hog Wild (Uniana)

    Like a Christmas phoenix from the snow-covered ashes rose this kinda interestingly appearing sleeper from your vault. Thanks for that, @Mohkerz! And even if the game is still underrepresented on the internet, the little information I found out implies that Chase HQ seems to be some kind of godfather for Hog Wild. So let's see if Uniana's interpretion of the cat-and-mouse principle can catch up with the original. I am very pleased at least to see if it does. Merry Christmas and associated holidays to all of you, whoever feels adressed!
  4. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.82) | Arcade PC

    Here you go, @dgrace! [Hidden Content] (from page 1, containing more different Teknoparrot versions than your heart actually desires)
  5. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.82) | Arcade PC

    Just one more reason to keep my Windows 7 32-Bit Setup DVD at all costs, once I've finally parted from my still active and long-serving Dual Core Machine. To prepare an external drive then, reserved for the said OS to use it as an alternative whenever Windows 10 (64-Bit) should fail to run games like Sega Rally 3. Which, by the way, didn't cause any working trouble under my Windows 7 32-Bit configuration. In fact, my success rate in getting Taito Type whatever X, RingWide, RingEdge and more titles to run was extremely high by using that OS. Although my built-in Nvidia Card certainly didn't hurt either. ;-)
  6. Game Loader All Rh

    @petran79 Just follow these steps, and you should be fine: (copied & pasted from page 1) 1.To put the 3 exe in the folder of a game 2.launch the Game Loader Installer.exe file (do it once) 3.Go to C: \ Users \ My Session \ AppData \ Roaming \ Game Loader All RH 4.Edit TTX.ini and add the line warning = agree (in [ignore]) * 5. run the Game Loader Config.exe file from allrh 6. Launch Game Loader All RH.exe For additional information on Game Loader All RH, I recommend you to study WildWolf's affectionately arranged tutorial, which you will find here: [Hidden Content]
  7. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.82) | Arcade PC

    Your enthusiasm in regard to CRT monitors being used during Amusement Arcades' golden era puts the reason of my own fascination about them in a nutshell. Let's take Scud Race, for instance, whose graphical extravaganza wasn't only due to its program code, but also to these old screens' lighting mechanisms which came along with other choicely built-in features. So when I have a glimpse on your sophisticated PC hardware, then it tells me that you surely bring enough beef to the party to revitalize an Arcade experience which makes reliving those unparalleled, mouth open, amazed feelings of the past inevitable. And probably even superior than we could ever have imagined back in the days. :-)
  8. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.82) | Arcade PC

    From Nvidia Corporation's perspective, it's just reasonable to take financial advantage of their monopoly status they still hold in a world where the free economy dictates the rise and fall of past, present and upcoming top dogs. Thereby, I'm impressed to see that since I was entering the PC cosmos for personal gaming reasons once again in 2009, no other competitor was able to threaten Nvidia's leading position in the meantime. Even though I believe it is only a matter of (a possibly still long) time when competing companies will have caught up at least with an irresistible total package consisting of mindblowing technology, wide distribution and adequate costs for the final consumer. Eventually, the "laws of nature" say that a winning streak can't be kept up alive forever. Talking about fps, @trouby, a display refresh rate of 30 compared to its 60 frames counterpart almost feels like day and night for the majority of people, sensorily speaken. However, I'm wondering how much difference actually lies between the visual and tangible perception of 60 and 120 frames per second for two attentive eyes like those of yours? Do 120 fps really look and feel that much better than 60 ones?
  9. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.82) | Arcade PC

    This! You know, when I got my by now naturally aged notebook back in 2009, I was a little bit out of training, so to say, when it came to the question which components would actually be sufficient to fulfil my portable gaming needs. And although I was scratching my head at that time about cores and their speed, about bus, ram, HDD and whatever else, there was one thing I always knew for sure: That for usual you can't go wrong with Nvidia; a credo that was supposed to last until now and beyond, as is known today. Incidentally, I still remember my first magic moment to enjoy with the said graphics board manufacturer and their renowned PhysX feature, making extensive use of it in Mirror's Edge. You guys who have fond memories of passing that transparent waving strip curtain for the very first time will surely know what I'm talking about here. From that decisive point on, my preference for Nvidia products was born - and lived happily ever after.
  10. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.82) | Arcade PC

    For becoming a righteous gunslinger being able to aim properly via a crosshair in sync with your mouse movements, I can recommend you, @atrain9, the following two methods: 1st ~.the ordinary ~ one: Try using the native resolutions of each of Sega's glorious RingWide Lightgun Shooter triplet by utilizing a screen resolution changer tool like ResChange with... Let's Go Island (1024x600px) Operation Ghost (1024x600px) Sega Golden Gun (1360x768px) 2nd ~ the glamorous ~ one: This is where Game Loader All RH comes into play for adapting the games' original resolutions to your own monitor's width and height. So, by selecting "Loader Mode 6", I can get e.g. Let's Go Island running in full screen and keeping the aspect ratio at the same time (which is 1366x768px for me) in combination with, for example, an interpolation filter that provides for an overall sharper visual outcome. Which, all in all, makes Game Loader All RH as my favourite choice to go with (as far as Let's Go Island and Operation Ghost are concerned). Additionally, if you don't want to/can't use Game Loader All RH, you'll be able to hide your mouse cursor (for concentrating freely on the respective game's crosshair all alone) with one of the tools that can be found here: [Hidden Content]
  11. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.82) | Arcade PC

    @LoloZ I'm sorry to hear that with the type of Battle Gear 4 Tuned version you're using, there's still no happy end in fullscreen mode for you in sight. That reminds me of a time when I was helping another nice guy to get the game working, but whatever solution we were trying, the game never started for real and always led into a big black hole, I mean screen, for him. We were racking our brains over the issue for countless messages, but unfortunately, his BG4T mystery turned out to be a cold case in the end. So, the "moral" of that little story - and what else I've heard so far -, is that BG4T can emerge as an untamed beast which might never want to work with you, depending on the respective PC configuration. But nonetheless, bonne chance à toi, LoloZ! :-)
  12. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.82) | Arcade PC

    You're welcome, LoloZ. You know, the reason I've chosen to run BG4T via Game Loader All RH can simply be found in a therein provided certain Expansion Filter named "Bicubic". By activating the associated tab in All RH, the game looks noticeably sharper than before, due to the performed interpolation. And who wouldn't love that? :-) Yeah, I hope that JoyToKey works as solid for you as Xpadder does for me. Me, however, I never used JoyToKey, so there aren't any experiences I could tell you about. In regard to your 2.03 -> 2.08 update intensions, you'll be unable doing that with the 2.03 Export Dump, I guess. In fact, the stuff you therefore need is the Japanese Dump in which the 2.08 jp exe file is already included. Hi there, ark216! Haven't talked to you since our PM session, but good to see you back. In terms of your problem, I'm afraid that my hands are tied, because I'm still a Windows 7 only user. But how exactly does your BG4T malfunction show up, actually?
  13. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.82) | Arcade PC

    Personally speaking, I got Battle Gear 4 Tuned (I refer to Version 2.08 JPN) running in two ways: With Game Loader All RH and without it (as stand-alone, no TP). Both methods work like a charm for me, except for nearly all the controls; so I had to remap the already provided keyboard commands to Xpadder (analogue steering with the X-axis of my XBox 360 controller remained intact without any alteration, by the way). Which eventually resulted in non-analogue braking and accelerating likewise, but digital gas & brake are actually the only two things I turn up my nose at a little bit. ;-) Additionally, it is important that when using BG4T with Game Loader All RH, you'll have to start Xpadder in Administration Mode. Otherwise, the remapped controls won't be recognised by the game.
  14. Game Loader All Rh

    @twobucks I stumbled across the same problem, but then I found out that first and foremost you have to make Operation Ghost work with Teknoparrot (Loader Settings 1 -> TeknoParrot Settings -> Select Folder). Only after completing said step you'll be able to get the game running without Teknoparrot (by checkmarking Do Not Use Teknoparrot, indeed).
  15. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.82) | Arcade PC

    Dear @vitrio, your latest message reads like you're quoting me with a question that I've never asked. That's why I would appreciate it if you were to correct the said post. Thank you! Edit: Case closed. Very kind of you, vitrio!