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  1. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    ...always bet on @DUKE2000 :-) In regard to your Rambo issue, could it possibly be that you've activated the tab which refers to General - EnableSomeDebugThings within the Game Settings menu? So just turn that thing off and enjoy the benefits from it. Private DUKE2000, you are dismissed! ;-)
  2. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    After almost exactly one year, I had the personal pleasure of experiencing the next awesome Lindbergh triplet existing of Too Spicy, Rambo & Sega Race TV, which had been made accessible to the open public just recently by the almighty Teknogods, whose incredible coding team left me in pure astonishment once more, considering the brilliance of transfering those said - along with all the others, already talked over - games to us full-blooded Arcade connoisseurs and our respective domestic PC combat apparatuses. Although I have to admit that my personal technical device weakens like the current equipment status of the German Armed Forces, haha, but tough as we are, it's sufficient enough to put myself in the position of Rambo whilst awesomely blasting my raging way to his own war history with an unsteady, but still tolerable framerate of about 25 to 60 per second (due to my specs); then I've got an excellently running Sega Race TV until the moment it suddenly crashes after the specific pin code was given (of which I'm sure will still get fixed); and last but not least a cool staged Too Spicy, which, on a technical Teknogods transition scale, leaves nothing to be desired. It's just that I wrote myself a simple Autohotkey script for that game, because I, as a right-handed mouse player, find it more comfortable if I can move to the left with "Strg" and to the right with its "Alt" counterpart. So, all in all, you highly adept and enviable programming champs with a proud and colourfully vibrant parrot sitting rightly on the shoulders of each single member of your illustrious group, well, what can I say? That you did it again? Along with the amazing "shading" guys? Indeed. In a very satisfactory way for which I'd like to express my sincere thanks.
  3. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    @Darage & all the other highway patrol cops out there, who'd like to run their Chase HQ2 copy without being connected to the internet, I've found a pretty interesting information on another forum (that is specialized in "Arcade Controls") by a user named Foxhole who came up with a seemingly working solution - which then again was praised by another user - and whose quote goes like this: To anyone who wants to run this game without being online, go to test menu - network test - set the network id to 2 And save. Afterwards the game will work without being online.
  4. @MrThunderwing Thanks for introducing me to the dark side of Oxford, haha. As a matter of fact, before you've filled me in, I just had a vague idea of what went lost in translation with that "shizzle", but your answer tells me that I had been on the right track at the least. So, when I was asking for a possible video review of H2Overdrive, I had one in mind in the vein of your legendary Outrun comparative video, which fascinated by its overall composition of chosen words & voice, pictures & dramaturgy. Certainly, there's not much to compare with an H2Overdrive on its own, but watching your talent for in-detail-analysises is an experience not to miss in general and definitely worth my time. If "Ich bin ein Ausländer" is the only phrase you're aware of, then it is not the baddest choice in terms of How-To-Survive-With-Just-One-Sentence-In-Germany for sure. :-) Because it won't take long after that until someone asks you if you're versed in English language, since it is still the most spoken foreign language in the whole wide world. You just can't expect the same English skill level of my average fellow countryman (as a non-native English speaker) than of someone, to give but two examples, who grows up in the Netherlands or somewhere in Scandinavia. But I'm convinced that the majority of German people will endeavour to help you along your trip with at least that little bit of English knowledge somewhere hidden in their brains about which they surely haven't forgotten from their youthful days in school. @ark216 As long as you don't learn any new German words from games like "Wolfenstein", I will sleep a little easier, haha. But seriously, I sure can see the fascination for Rammstein, even if their sound isn't quite something that personally pleases me. I'm more of a sucker for (Melodic) Hard Rock, you know.
  5. @MrThunderwing It seems that your urban slang is too much to comprehend for my German ears, which are mainly used to Oxford English, haha. So, what exactly does it mean if someone like you is "all over that shizzle", mate? :-) @All I switched back from Teknoparrot to JConfig again, but a strange issue in "Track Select" is annoying me now. In fact, the tracks Frozen Tundra and Down Underdrive are always automatically flagged as "Backwards", while the female announcer's voice sounds like gibberish (a highly indistinct mix of "backwards" and "forward", I guess) in an extremely fast loop over and over again, as soon as I highlight these tracks with my controller. At the same time, the respective track's scenery preview window in the upper part of the screen is totally kept in black. Only when I hold down the "View" button on "Frozen Tundra" or "Down Underdrive", the "Backwards" sign disappears and switches to the usual forward layout design again with a proper scenery picture as well and, obviously, no voice loop anymore. Well, I never drove on those two tracks before, so I wonder what kind of mechanism triggered that problem, because it wasn't there from scratch. So, as a result of this, I deleted my whole H2Overdrive folder and reinstalled the game again, but that didn't help one bit. Maybe there's an H2Overdrive related folder which still has to be deleted from my system's AppData, but I don't think so. Aside from this, everything else within the game works to my complete satisfaction.
  6. I'm not quite sure to what extent cross postings will be tolerated by the Mods, but seeing as we discuss any H2Overdrive problems right now, I thought it might be of interest that the game runs perfectly for me - which means that any steering and analogue accelerating + breaking issues are no longer existent - when using the latest Teknoparrot version (in fact, I downloaded it from the godly coder group's website, started it (No Patreon) and ran all the updates directly thereafter). @MrThunderwing Once you decide to create a video review of this fine motorized watersports game, please let us all know. :-)
  7. Only Santa Claus himself knows for sure what exactly took him so long this time to make me happy with at least one new super duper Arcade Game to play, but it finally happened that past evening in Germany, to be precisely, and in shape of "star-spangled" JConfig data to be found within H2Overdrive_2020_01_04.rar. Of course, it was anything else than a clear matter if and how one of my most eagerly awaited original Arcade games - namely, H2Overdrive - (Hello, MrThunderwing!) would actually work together with my ol' granny (will say: my Laptop, which already has clocked more than 10 years of good service by now). So, I grabbed the dump plus the aforementioned JConfig files, configured the total package and eventually gave it a go by a spirited click on H2Overdrive.exe... If that procedure was crowned by success? Well, I'm sure you have guessed it already that the answer is....YES!!! 60 frames per second with no whatsoever glitches so far. Which isn't that bad at all for a first look into a game whose nuances regarding technique & gameplay will surely take up some (highly pleasant, I suspect) testing time before fully opening up to me. In any case, I thank you coders so much for bringing this wonderful game to any ordinary PC (which has got at least some (little) horsepower left within its (Dual) core like mine)! :-)) Edit: Yeah, no analogue acceleration & breaking / Overall steering is a bit sensitive (still bearable, but not optimal).
  8. [Arcade PC] Daphne / Singe set (Laser Disc)

    While I was in the hunt for some original Arcade Flyer artwork with regard to maabus' pompous Daphne / Singe Collection, I coincidentally stumbled upon a fantastic custom-made-but-staying-true-to-the-original-games-vibe artwork collection that covers almost all of the classic Laserdisc based games posted within this fine thread, except those which originate from American Laser Games. In any case, I didn't expect to find such a whole lot of beautifully crafted Arcade Flyer work that deals with Laserdisc games on just one page of another forum's thread anytime soon; and so I'm very much inclined to believe that I'm not the only one who'll be happily impressed by this high level of stylish perfection, which can all be found here, to be admired and prepared for your personal download at any time. Such as a perfectly posing Clint Eastwood, as he seems to be fully prepared for going any lengths with his Firefox combat aircraft, always at the ready! [Hidden Content]
  9. @SniperRacer1273 When grabbing Harry99710's encrypted Mega link, you'll be able to download the game in one session (that is, without exceeding the download limit as a free user). Worked for me as well as for others, I guess. Furthermore I give a great thank you in word and deed to all the guys involved who've handed over the ignition key, so to speak, for getting Initial D Zero started. Although I have to admit that I'm out of bounds this time - and until further notice -, because starting with the OS up to the low specs, my PC won't run this fine piece of software as it still did with Initial D8 Infinity, I fear. But hey, there'll be a better tomorrow, which is why I keep the whole package (game, patches, instructions) stored on my backup HDD, ready for better times. And they'll come, that's for sure. :-)
  10. Arcade Adaptation for PC Games

    @soso92 With Super Final Fight Gold Plus, an unexpectedly well done karate-chop-mash-up gem (which actually deserves its own thread) has found the way to Emuline; and I can say for sure that if it weren't for you, I would certainly have missed this fine OpenBOR construction. Thumbs up, plus my vigorous mouse click on the Thank You button!
  11. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    @Mounir & @Trymado Although I can't hand the perfect solution for After Burner Climax' Left Steering issue on a silver platter, how about a workaround that always works for me at least? It is not completely hassle-free, though, but possibly your best bet until the Teknogods will release a sturdy fix for it in the still unforeseen future. So, every time before I wanna play the game, I check Teknoparrot's After Burner Climax' Controller setup, re-select the X-Axis and save it again. Saving the settings every time again before actual playing seems to ensure the full range of movement. Incidentally, I also followed @soso92's instructions which involved altering the XML file and tagging it with Read-Only properties, but had no luck with that, unfortunately.
  12. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Hamid: "What's that?" John Rambo: "It's blue light." Hamid: "What does it do?" John Rambo: "It turns blue." One of the best involuntary comedy quotes in cinema history, if you ask me, haha.
  13. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    abc_org (or abc 1080p) is the only file you need to copy/move to disk1, so leave any other file untouched.
  14. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    @isamu As the previous speakers have already mentioned it, your specs will most likely run the Teknoparrot games catalogue in its whole fascinating entirety and to your complete satisfaction. Even I myself - one of those three guys here who are still operating a Dual Core machine (dating from 2009) - can't complain at all in 99.99 % of cases when it comes to the hitherto supported Taito Type X/X+/X², RingWide, RingEdge and Lindbergh stuff. So wipe the sweat from your brow and rest assured that a mindblowing journey will await you where the still modern days of Arcade gaming comes to blooming life on your Intel Core i3! :-)
  15. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Even with my two last remaining Lindbergh must-play titles for the time being, my Arcade gamer's life still feels like walking on an island of good fortune with an actual trouble-free mind in my emotional luggage. So although it is true that Initial D4 Export's sound distortions are still present here and there, plus a framerate who tends to drop during fast steering manoeuvres, the overall impression of the game demonstrates well enough that a build near to perfection isn't such a far cry anymore. And by the way, who would have actually thought that Lindbergh's interpretation of Akina Lake offers a wide colour palette whose scenic vividness even beats Initial D8's reconditioning of that race course? Not I, to be sure! :-) And also I was rather sure that any kind of zombie horror wouldn't make my (Panther-) heart pound with that much of excitement any longer, because I already had put too many virtual bullets into digitally rotting bodies over the years, so that this certain pleasant feeling of watching them bite the dust once and for all grew old with the time. But when recently House Of The Dead 4 was eventually able to be played on Windows 7 as well, I took my chances to find out if I could manage it to light the fire for the undead once more. Setting up the game via Teknoparrot on my old system (blessed is it) wasn't a big deal, and so I was rewarded with a smooth flow of the provided Arcade material that soaked me up from the moment the leading man - and HOTD veteran gunslinger - James Taylor came into the picture, ready to transfer his gun force onto my computer mouse. And really, the game's techno-morbid art style, its atmospheric and intense action, combined with a fluid total balls-out gunplay and the resounding effectiveness of hand grenades, succeeded in raising my enthusiasm for those decaying legions of the living dead once again. And with respect to the visual style: You'll also dig female protagonist Kate Green's outfit wearing a black miniskirt together with high boots of the same colour. Très chic! Or is it just me? ;-)