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  1. I haven't tried it with the i7 processor. I do not know. I think he should work.
  2. AMD Athlon II X4 641 4 GB RAM Nvidia GT 630 AMD HD 7870 AMD RX 570 It works with video cards. ----------------------- Intel i3 2100 4 GB RAM Nvidia GT 630 AMD HD 7870 AMD RX 570 It does not work with video cards. ---------------------- AMD Athlon II X4 641 The number of CPU cores 4 The number of threads 4 ----------------------- Intel i3 2100 The number of CPU cores 2 The number of threads 4 ---------------------- The number of CPU cores should be 4. Otherwise it won't work. So we need to replace the processor.
  3. My previous computer had an AMD processor. I don't remember the model. I can look tomorrow. It worked seamlessly with the Nvidia GT 630 and AMD HD 7870 graphics cards. Now I have an Intel i3 processor. Let me see your model tomorrow. AMD does not work with the RX 570.
  4. i think this game chooses processor
  5. Triforce games wii console "Nintendont" by installing the program you can play smoothly. [Hidden Content]
  6. I did the cabin for Ultra Street Fighter IV. I'm getting excited about Tekken ;=),
  7. Hello there. I can't find Guilty Gear Xrd Sign's coin enabler patch. Will you share?
  8. You are very careful. You are super ;=),
  9. Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Arcade Coin update 1 still does not work. But the second one works. Both with the coin enabler patch ;=),
  10. Dead or Alive Arcade 5 Ultimate Patch 1 not working!
  11. Adnan Oktar varsa yandık. Yeni Teknoparrot oyunlarını zor görürüz artık ;=), Bu arada bu sitede Türk görmek beni mutlu etti ;=),
  12. is this information correct?
  13. [Util] Insert Crédits

    Thank you so much. We're going to write credit, so we know what we're playing ;=),