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  1. I released DARE / Gorillaz in our DDR A20 Discord just now. [Hidden Content]
  2. Game content includes all songs from A20, excluding the six songs released in June. What are you bitching about?
  3. I'm still in the camp of changing your AIO tool to use Bemanitools instead of Spicetools, it has a lot less options to throw at the user, and if they know what they are doing, they are free to use it instead.
  4. After a long discord session, we've figured out @HellsingKo's issue was write permissions. I recommend right clicking the main contents folder of the game, and unchecking read-only for the entire game. It'll solve a lot of issues. Join our discord if you want your game up and running: [Hidden Content]
  5. We just made one: [Hidden Content]
  6. -ea is going to interfere with butterfly I can tell you that right now.
  7. Clearly you are doing something wrong, and you point to a batch file that no one can read.
  8. Java isn't needed for the game itself to run, if the game doesn't launch, Java isn't the issue.
  9. Save this as a bat file and run it once in \contents: @echo off cd /d %~dp0 if not exist conf\nvram mkdir conf\nvram if not exist conf\nvram\ea3-config.xml copy prop\eamuse-config.xml conf\nvram\ea3-config.xml if not exist conf\nvram\coin.xml copy prop\coin.xml conf\nvram\coin.xml if not exist conf\nvram\eacoin.xml copy prop\eacoin.xml conf\nvram\eacoin.xml if not exist conf\nvram\testmode-v.xml copy prop\testmode-v.xml conf\nvram\testmode-v.xml if not exist conf\raw mkdir conf\raw @topet2k12001 please add this to your ddr.exe script, this is lifted directly from Bemanitools, and I notice this is always an issue with people using Spicetools because the nvram folders aren't setup.
  10. So you don't want to read, but you want someone to hold your dick and guide you step by step... got it. Nobody is gonna help you, especially since you only have two posts and have posted a total of three words: please, anyone, and no.
  11. I haven't tried U:G:A since Ace, but that makes sense... since J and K are the only dongles for A20 U region.
  12. Which is why I just maintain a set of ja & ua thumbs in my folder. Doesn't hurt to add a few megs.
  13. By reading this thread.