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  1. as long as there update and working being done on tp i am happy .lets hope they dont fuck it off for all the moaning
  2. hi guys i am having problems with a few games loading after formating pc and using windows 7 all games run fine before format, so what do i need to reinstall, having missing dx9 40 dll and have installed direct x ,do i need to install other versions? i have also installed visual studio 2005 to 2017 thanks guys
  3. peace to everyone here, and big respect to the tekkno parrot team, i am loving all you are doing and i am not a patron, the games we have already is amazing, so please people take your time and wait for these guys. i would love some new games or fixes but without the tekkno parrot crew ,we would not be playing these great lost classics. it is some times nice to wait for somthing. go outside its the summer, and make some freinds
  4. thanks mate for the video, it will really help me out , need to make some more of any games that are complicated to setup with various files etc or fixes great work thanks to everyone
  5. thanks reaver Luigi's Mansion ,looks the nuts. what hardware dose this run on and what other games run on that hardware. thanks guys
  6. hello guys i know this is in the wrong forum ,but can anyone please post the new ui with latest sega model 3 build with fully configered version with all roms for xbox 360 pad and light gun games for mouse,i am having big troubles,i have downloaded the emulator over the years had it running,but so many chabges ,some of my roms work and other problems etc thanks,
  7. [Emu] Sega Model 3: Supermodel r775

    hello can anyone please help i have these missing files in these roms ,what do i need to do, i have tryed diffrent rom sets i am using mame 206 rom set. thanks dirtdvls.zip epr-19338a.bin dirtdvlsa.zip epr-19338a.bin dirtdvlsj.zip epr-19338a.bin dirtdvlsg.zip epr-19338a.bin ecap.zip epr-19338a.bin eca.zip epr-19338a.bin ecau.zip epr-19338a.bin ecaj.zip epr-19338a.bin lemans24.zip epr-18261.bin srally2p.zip missing loads mpr and epr srally2pa.zip missing loads mpr and epr srally2x.zip missing loads mpr and epr
  8. this looks the bollox, the cherry on the cake
  9. hi guys , can someone give me an idea why i am getting missing polygons with house of the dead 4. also what is the right exe. thanks win 7 tp latest gt750ti
  10. hi guys , can anyone help ,trying to load after burner climax , get this then just about to boot and reset back to desktop. thanks guys tp 100.118 windows 7 gtx 750ti i7 3700k 16 gb
  11. i downloaded windows 10 with 1809 build can i roll t back to 1803 after i install it. thanks
  12. hi guys, is there anything missing from the lgj game link, do i copy paste it to mega add link?
  13. yeah ling i hear ya, there need to be better documentation, download pack with needed files for each game expalining where they go, maybe a few youtube videos for anything not straight forward, i have had a lot of help setting these up and not that hard, just missing files etc lack of knowledge ,maybe on front page update links with all files needed, and maybe a test each release to tell people what work on not for release. but yet again thanks to all who make this site what it is, we would be lost without you.