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  1. Hi all there is someone here that can run LGJ on Windows7 64 bit with an amd graphic card? For me the game with the shader fix start but I can here only the sound. I've black screen
  2. I've got a simil problem.. All the game seems desync I've got something like an orizontal sync line in the middle, I've test the k lite but nothing.
  3. Hi Nezarn can U help Me with VF5? I'm an a 25khz monitor and the resolution is 640x480 on windows 7. many thaks.
  4. Game Loader All Rh

    can u reupload? the files are not downloadable now.
  5. In disk0\rom\, u must move the Rom folder that is in disk1\ In disk0\
  6. unfortunally with LGJ I've the same problem, I've an AMD GPU, but with VF5 with the new shaders i've resolved, but i've glitch, look at my older post.
  7. Try to change the shaders.
  8. Hi These are the screenshots with all the bugs.
  9. Tomorrow I'll share screenshots. Yes I've copied the CgGL.dll of the shaders in teknoparrot folder and I've used the bat file, but LGJ don't start on my cab with ati hd7970.
  10. For me only Hod4. Vf5b and c with shader fix too have glitch on p2 player. Vt3 with shader fix have glitch on players. Outrun don't start. Lgj with shader fix have black screen and go out. T.p 1.93
  11. Hi all there's a way for resize Lindberg games on low res monitor? Or use it with Dxwnd? Which file I must select?
  12. Hi everyone. someone who uses mariokartdx with versions of teknoparrot earlier than 1.87, and which therefore supports the banapass can share its muchacd.exe file. many thanks
  13. Lindberg on windows 7 Bruce?
  14. Install it with vmmaker