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  1. not gona believe that was not working because i didnt update to the new version
  2. the torrent bin stalled for 2 day so far
  3. mega page open and its empty their only a link to there page
  4. le link pour caladrius est vide y a seulement un link pour arcade punks
  5. [Arcade PC] Star Blazers (LaserDisc)

    hmmmmmm the link is dead for platoon
  6. speaking of time crisis 5 very outdated graphic was expecting much better graphic
  7. WOW mohkerz you did again with the patch now silent hill work like a charm with argon demulshooter cannot ask better then that farcry work like a charm with your patch and argon program my wireless xbox 1 is working at perfection. for all the people who is involve .......thank you
  8. bon le keyboard marche pas mon joystick xbox 1 pour pc marche pas...............mais un joystick normal marche bien,apres la premiere music , sa retourne sur attract mode et plus rien ne marche
  9. yes it normal when the operator start the console its 1 time in the real cabinet stay all day on for people to add coins its not like a cpu when its go wrong we have to reboot steady
  10. their a couple game work fine but doesn't rotate battle fantasia so far with all the teknoparot not able to load it, put work fine with jconfig with all rh loader
  11. deamon bride the input doesnt work
  12. pourquoi le monde fais des complain user des veilles version du loader tout mes jeux foctione use diffrente version du loader et pas de problem
  13. tout les nouveau jeux marche tres bien avec version 1.85 dont mon ordy pour vf5 la version qui marche pour moi est la version satelite pour shining sa load mais sans le menu sa demande la carte